CradlePoint PHS300 WWAN Router

  • CradlePoint PHS300 WWAN Router
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  • Portable. Good battery life. Share your connection with multiple devices. Uses your existing 3G USB modem or tethered cell phone. Easy setup. Extra batteries available.
  • Turns Sprint modems into Wi-Fi hotspots. Good range. Many options.


  • No ethernet port. Cumbersome in some cases. Case and car charger sold separately.
  • Bigger than Novatel MiFi. Battery life is poor.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Mac|Life on 80

If you already own a 3G USB modem or a cell phone that can be tethered, then the CradlePoint might be a better solution than the MiFi 2200 and it's data plan. Turning your existing 3G connection into your own portable WiFi hotspot is priceless...

By PC Mag on 60

If you want to turn a WiMAX modem into a Wi-Fi hotspot, this router will do the trick. But for 3G, you might want to look at the Novatel MiFi...

By Just Another Mobile Monday on

Let me just start by telling you how happy I have been with my iPod Touch. It has been an incredibly versatile device, with games, music, videos. You name it. The only problem I have with the iPod Touch is that so much of what I do with it (other...

By Gadling on

Let me open with a warning; this article is full of buzzwords and acronyms, but I promise to try and keep things as simple as possible. The CradlePoint PHS300 is a pocket wireless internet router. Unlike other routers, that get their Internet access...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

I was thoroughly impressed with the CradlePoint PHS300. With Verizon activating the UM150 in the store, there was absolutely no setup required to get things working. By simply plugging the modem into the router and flipping the on switch, the laptop...