Trendnet TEW-672GR Dual Band N Gigabit Router

  • Trendnet TEW-672GR Dual Band N Gigabit Router
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  • Affordable.
  • 10/100/1000 base WAN port.
  • WPS Button.


  • Lower Actual Bandwidth.
  • Lackluster design.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Real World Labs on

Since i do not happen to own many standalone router units i was unable to test the wireless speed of the TEW-672GR as much as I would. Still the TEW-672GR performed great in the 1 meter wireless test and but it did not do so well in...

By OverclockersQH on

I really should mention that in my case, the testing of wireless networks is done at their extreme ranges. I shoot my wireless signal roughly 80 feet, through several walls, metal siding, and the occasional car. Yes I still get reception and the fact...

By PCShopTalk on

At first I want to thank the TRENDnet representatives for providing me the TEW-664UB Dual-Band Wireless adapter along with the TEW-672GR Dual-Band Wireless N Gigabit router for testing and reviewing.In this review I will test a Dual-band wireless...

By LaptopMag on 70

For anyone who just needs Wi-Fi access and knows that simultaneous 802.11a and 802.11n can solve bandwidth bottlenecks, the TEW-672GR is a good budget choice. The $149 Linksys WRT610N is faster, but this $99.99 bare-bones router is priced just...

By Fusion Mods on 90

In todays networks, we all want speed. Fast LAN networks, fast Wifi networks, and a quick and easy way to get it all connected to the internet. TRENDnet has delivered this with the TEW-672GR Router.The first thing you notice out of the box, is that...

By Technoyard on 96

As the tests reveal the TWE-672GR is capable of keeping up with top notch routers, however there are some minor noticeable quirks in performance when it comes to wireless. We can expect to see some degree of a boost in wireless speeds with a firmwear...

By X-bit Labs on

Frankly speaking, the TEW-672GR router turned out a disappointment. Notwithstanding the good exterior design, it has imperfect firmware that lacks such basic functions as a system log. The lack of an integrated Help system may be inconvenient as you...

By BCCHardware on

When it comes to networking, Trendnet isnt usually the name you think of first. Home networking typically belongs to D-Link or Linksys and often we think that Trendnet products are low quality alternatives for those that cant afford a "real"...

By Unique Rigs on 80

A lot of computer users now have multiple PCs in their homes. Naturally, most users network these computers to share data, stream audio and video files to their media centers as well as play network games. An efficient and reliable router is the key...

International Review By on 70

Når man, som Hr og Fru Jensen, skal ud og invistere i en ny router, så er det et meget stort marked, og valgmulighederne er uendelige, men det var nok ikke lige denne router, som jeg ville forslå, da der lige skulle et par firmware...

International Review By Hardware-Test on 87

Med denne harmonisk sammensatte router, har TRENDnet vist, at det er muligt at lave en prisbillig 802.11n router med Gigabit switch, som er rasende hurtig og har de fleste features, som private har brug for. For de digitale hjem med flere...