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The G Pro 2 is LG's latest flagship phablet, the G Pro 2 packs a gorgeous and bright HD screen as a great 13MP camera. The G Pro 2 also sports a lot of UI enhancements looking to compete with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3.

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By littlegreenrobot.co.uk on 80

If you like your phones on the big side (we don't want to say ‘phablets', but you know what we're talking about…) then your choices are somewhat limited. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been the one to have up to now, with commendable efforts by HTC in the...

By tablet-news.com on

LG G Pro 2 is a 5.9 inch phablet that's considered a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rival and this model was announced back in February and launched in April. It has been nicknamed the “LG G Flex without the Flex”, because of its big diagonal. Priced at $650 on...

By 3G UK on 80

The LG G Pro 2 is essentially just an oversized LG G2 for better or worse. It’s powerful and has a great screen, but the rear buttons are more awkward at this size and the build hasn’t got much better. Register your interest in the LG G Pro 2 Full...

By techview.co on

The LG G Pro 2 is this year's big entrance into the phablet market from LG, bringing with it a stylish design inherited from the LG G2 and the weight of LG's ambitions to make a success in the large-screen market (following last year's less than...

By The Verge on 75

But generally speaking, if you're convinced that a phablet is the right device for you, you're still better off with last year's Galaxy Note 3, despite the baby steps and iterative improvements LG has made with the G Pro 2.

By Phone Arena on

After all that we’ve said about the LG G Pro 2 and the Sony Xperia Z1, you’re probably still wondering about the one big question that we have not answered yet: which one should you buy?For us, both handsets are more or less on par. Both are very...

By Phone Arena on

LG G Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are arguably the best that the Android phablet world can currently offer, yet choosing one over the other is very clear-cut. At first blush, they sport an almost identical specs sheet, close performance, and...

By Digital Trends on 70

We very much enjoyed using the G Pro 2, and though we'll likely go back to a smaller-screened phone after the review period is over, it's a great device. It doesn't have the S Pen stylus of the Note 3, but stacks up to Samsung's flagship phone in every...

By Anandtech on

LG is doing many things right with this phone, possibly more than Samsung did with the Note 3. The real question now is whether it’ll come to western regions without major changes.

By Ubergizmo on 90

In the end, and after using both, this is probably a matter of personal preferences. I would point out that the “general feel” and the display are the two most important thing that you should look at. What do you think?

By AndroidCommunity on 85

We still need some more details in terms of a US release. Namely, a date, some pricing and carrier specifics. But if nothing else, we do feel the LG G Pro 2 should be a handset to consider once it comes available.

By CNET Australia on 80

The LG G Pro 2 delivers plenty of power, a huge and lovely screen, and a feature-packed camera, but the Galaxy Note 3's stylus and superior styling give it the...

By Slashgear on

We’ll be reserving final judgements of the US-based product for when the device is released in the USA on carriers this side of the shore, but for now, things are looking good. Any and all battery tests and phone (voice) tests will be kept for that time as well.

By Engadget on 88

With a solid construction, good battery life and plenty of firepower, the G Pro 2 is a contender for the best large-screen phone on the...

By Phone Arena on

The LG G Pro 2 is a great device, full stop. It honestly feels needless to try and spin this into a spiral of accolades, as glamor for the sake of glamor doesn't seem to be the goal the LG engineers had in mind when building the phablet. Instead, the...

By GSMArena on

Last year, the LG Optimus Pro almost did the unthinkable, beating the then-incumbent Note II at its own game. The LG flagship was better looking, more powerful and flaunted a better, higher-resolution screen than its rival. That was more than enough...

By PC Advisor on

LG unveiled its G Pro 2 phablet earlier this month, boasting a whopping 5.9in display, 4K video recording and Android 4.4 KitKat. We spent some time with the device at MWC in Barcelona to find out how LG has tackled such an enormous phone for our...

By Trusted Reviews on

Big Screen, Big Phone: Big ambitions? The LG G Pro 2 is a large-screen phone. Its display is 5.9 inches across, slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 's one and a good half inch bigger than its predecessor the LG Optimus G Pro 's display. We...

By Pocket-lint on

Phones , LG , Phablets , MWC2014 , LG G Pro 2 Hands-on: LG G Pro 2 review By Stuart Miles Follow on Twitter 9 hours ago Share on Facebook Tweet about it Pint It ...

By T3 Magazine on

Does size matter? Is bigger always better? You can ask any number of bulk-based cliche questions when you're talking about phablets but whatever your view, the arrival of the LG G Pro 2 goes to show these larger cross-breed handsets are here to stay. In...