Motorola Milestone XT

  • Motorola Milestone XT
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  • Solid build quality, Generous screen size, HDMIout for bigger display options
  • Slightly improved battery life from original Milestone; good voice quality with CrystalTalk; magnifying glass effect for cursor control; 720p video recording; 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash.


  • Slight lag in interface speeds, Dropped frames during 720p video recording, Poor imaging results from 8megapixel camera
  • Doesn't feel faster even with improved CPU hardware; cumbersome microSDHC slot; touch-sensitive controls can be annoying.

Expert reviews and ratings

By T3 Magazine on 80

Certainly Motorola's best Android blower yet, though not perfect - especially next to powerful...

By on 75

From the aesthetic outlook, we do have some mixed reactions to the Motorola Milestone XT's design concept. Like the earlier Motorola Milestone, its heavy-metal packaging is appealing to the geekier crowd. The added weight gives a solid feel to the...

By CNET Asia on 80

The XT720 is a great alternative to the original Milestone, especially for those who want a slimmer design and better camera in place of a physical keypad....

By AsiaOne on

The Motorola Milestone XT is an updated...

International Review By on 80

Das XT720 ist ein mehr als angemessener Nachfolger des ersten Milestones. Man muss zwar auf die Tastatur verzichten, aber dafür gibt's ein deutlich schlankeres Gehäuse und eine bessere Kamera. Fanden Sie diesen Testbericht nützlich? ...