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  • Huge 4.3-inch TFT display.
  • Android Gingerbread OS.


  • You'll need big pockets to carry it.
  • Too many unnecessary Orange apps hogging the memory.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Wired UK on 80

We love the Orange Monte Carlo! Yes much of this review picks apart its flaws, which do need to be addressed, but each is redeemed by a more compelling feature: price. To enjoy an Android 2.3 smartphone with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS and a huge 4.3-inch...

By 3G UK on 70

Orange's Monte Carlo is the best of the manufacturer's range of mid-range smartphones, with the best screen for your money. It looks good, but it is a bit of a beast however, if you're willing to accept a larger handset to get a big screen,...

By Mobile Choice on 60

The best Android offering yet from Orange's ever growing range. If you're a smartphone user in the true sense, you're going to love the 4.3 inch screen...

By Tracy and Matt's Blog on

On the whole I have been really impressed with the Monte Carlo, it does the little things brilliantly and only really falls short on things that you could live without such as HD voice and the music player being pretty pants, for that problem there is...

By CNET UK on 70

Despite its bloatware, uninspiring build quality and under-powered CPU, the Orange Monte Carlo impresses, offering the latest Android software and a huge screen at a surprisingly low...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

Keen pricing is the reason ZTE has been experiencing phenomenal growth, and the Orange Monte Carlo offers bang for your buck that is unmatched elsewhere. For £149.99 the spec list is simply stunning, and patchy performance, limited memory and an...

By TechRadar on 80

When Orange released its San Francisco, we were bowled over. It was a great handset for a budget price, and it continues to be the standard by which we evaluate any Android phone that hovers around the £100 mark.The Monte Carlo is a slightly...

By PC Pro on 67

Cheap in both its feel and performance, with poor battery life, too, but it offers a 4.3in screen on a very low...

By RegHardware on 80

The Orange Monte Carlo is not a phone for playing games or watching video, trick call technology, slick UI and decent battery life it is worth every penny of its asking price. Yes I’d like more system storage, a glass screen and a Cortex CPU but...

By Expert Reviews on 80

A great screen belies this handset's low price - poor battery life aside, it's an impressive budget handset...

By on 80

Let’s be clear: the Orange Monte Carlo is an absolutely stunning deal. For £149.99 upfront on Pay As You Go, you can’t get anything as powerful, with as large a screen and as a large eco-system.But last year’s San Francisco,...

By Recombu on 70

The Orange Monte Carlo follows in the footsteps of the San Francisco by being one of the best budget Android phones seen thus far. You get a huge touchscreen and the Smart Wi-Fi app gives you additional coverage in the home, or wherever there’s...

By CoolSmartphone on

Following on from last year’s San Francisco, Orange have finally released its long awaited follow up. The Monte Carlo continues the tradition of offering fairly solid midrange hardware at a comparatively bargain basement price. In this case the...

International Review By TarifAgent on 88

Man nehme eine kleine Geldbörse, den Wunsch nach einem Android-Smartphone, mixe dies kräftig durch und schon erhält man nach kurzer Wartezeit das Orange Monte Carlo. Das von ZTE gefertigte Gerät bietet alles, was man für den...