Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik

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  • Clear, articulate audio performance at moderate volumes.
  • Attractive design with well-positioned speakers.
  • Pulls PC audio via USB rather than lower-fidelity 3,5mm output on computer.


  • Overpriced.
  • Distorts at high volumes on bass-heavy music.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechEye on 60

6/10. Chic and they do a very good job for what they are - ultimately, it depends on what you want from your sound system Share this 3DS tickles TechEye's memory circuits “Universal” charger puts an end to multiple bricks Security...

By PC Pro on 50

Tiny speakers with a very big sound, but the Cubiks are simply too expensive for most...

By on 60

With the performance of the Cubik speakers a bit of a mixed bag, we’re not convinced by its claim of matching high-end brands like Bose in terms of quality. With this in mind, you’re still paying quite a lot for Palo Alto’s...

By Business Computing World on 50

Laptop speakers are notoriously poor, regardless of whether they include the latest technology and quad surround speakers. And while most desktop computers come with a reasonable set, there are plenty of alternatives available if you want to upgrade. ...

By GadgetMac on 50

A great brand name, design, functionality and sound are all the key ingredients of which superb speakers come to fruition. Palo Alto's Cubik speakers are most likely the only pair of angled cubicle speakers you've never seen before. The...

By PC Mag on 60

Palo Alto Audio Design's Cubik Digital Hi-Fi Multimedia Speakers look great on a desktop but the system's performance doesn't quite live up to its price....

International Review By Mac Life on 83

Die kleinen Boxen bieten großen Klang und sind mit dem zu Recht verlängerten Verbindungskabel zwischen beiden Boxen vaiabel...