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By TechRadar AU on 50

A silent, wearable woofer. That's the claim Woojer is making about its… er… Woojer.Weird indie Kickstarter projects really do have a lot to answer for...The Woojer truly is a bizarre little device, designed to translate sound into feeling with the...

By pocketables.com on 70

Woojer is a portable, mostly silent subwoofer that you wear that gives you the feeling of bass without audible bass. The idea is to create a more immersive experience for gaming, music, and movies without creating much environmental noise, and it...

By androidguys.com on

Woojer, the Matchbox-sized device that claims to bring immersive audio to you in an unorthdox way, by allowing you to “feel the sound”. What exactly is it?It's a device that acts as a mini “woofer”, connecting to your entertainment hub and attached to...

By technologytell.com on

The Woojer is no substitute for huge, high-quality speakers. But not everyone wants to pony up that kind of cash, or spend all their time at clubs, movie theaters, or concerts for big bass. At only $100 bucks, the Woojer provides that immersive bass...

By ergohacks.com on

I want to love the Woojer. The basic idea of adding the feel of sound to make an experience more immersive is a good one. The actual device feels very well made and puts out a smooth, well controlled and nuanced vibration. If you are a dedicated...

By gizmag.com on

The Woojer looks stylish and feels well-made, and the battery life proved quite impressive. I prefer the non-gloss finish of the Kickstarter prototype to the fingerprint magnet production model, but maybe that's just me. It's a bit of a one trick pony...