Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SATA600

  • Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SATA600
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The Kingston SSDNow V300 uses a SandForce 2281 controller to communicate with the internal 19nm MLC (multi-layer cell) NAND. It features a 450MB/s sequential reads and write speeds. It includes a Desktop kit with an extra power cable, data cable, drive bay adapter brackets and a Notebook kit with an USB 2.0 enclosure. It is cover by a three year warranty.

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Unless you're sporting really old hardware, an SSD is the best sure-fire way to boost the performance of your desktop or laptop computer. There is so much choice now it's difficult to know whether there is a significant difference between various SSDs...

By Modders-Inc on

To test the Kingston SSDNow V300 240G Upgrade Kit I used ATTO disk benchmark and CrystalDisk Mark. These two programs give a pretty good indication of level of performance one can expect.Testing Methodology:Here are the results and the Kingston SSDNow...

By X-bit Labs on

Frankly speaking, we are rather wary of SandForce-based SSDs. Besides their past firmware flaws which took a lot of time to be corrected, we don’t like their susceptibility to performance degradation due to imperfect TRIM implementation whereas their...

By AnandTech on

That's not the ideal way to do business, especially when one of the products is supposed to be a budget mainstream drive while the other is aimed towards enthusiasts.

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The result from CrystalDiskMark. Now if you compare the stats with the Intel 330 series that I reviewed – they're quite similar, in real life conditions they perform no differently. For more details of the drive, please visit the official product page...

By Hardware Canucks on

Kingston’s V300 240GB has something for everyone. First time buyers will appreciate its dollar per GB ratio and PC veterans won’t help but be impressed by its benchmark results. It’s been a long time since we’ve come across an SSD which balances its...

By HardwareCanucks on 100

It has class leading performance and capacity per dollar, a generous warranty and the inclusion of notebook and desktop upgrade kits will simplify the installation process for first timers. There really isn’t anything more we could ask for from a budget-range SSD.

By FutureLooks on 90

Solid State Drives are the inevitable direction of storage technology but adoption is still slow. For a few months there it looked like we were getting closer to .50 cents a GB but then prices went back up. I don’t think it’s all that influenced by...

By MyCE on 80

Let us summarise the most important positive and negative points below:Positive:Excellent operation as a system drive. Very good sequential read/write speeds. SATA 6Gbps support. 7mm thick Outstanding contents inside the package. Good TRIM...

By DooYoo on 100

I have found this solidstate drive to be much better all round than the samsung I had already purchased, since installation it has been trouble free and reliable - it's a good buy in my opinion.

By ComputerShopper on 70

This solid-performing drive is available with a handy installation kit for a small premium. Barring a price drop, though, it’s not the best balance of performance and price we’ve tested.

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The Kingston V300 aims and hits the mark on a value based SSD which also offers sub dollar per Gigabyte pricing and for this, it earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear...

By TweakTown on 88

Still, for just a little bit more money you can buy an enthusiast focused SF-2281 drive like the HyperX 3K. Then you don't have to worry if the random read performance is slowing your applications down. For desktop users, the HyperX already ships with an impressive desktop accessory package and costs the same as the V300 Desktop Upgrade Kit.

By Pureoverclock on 90

Great overall combination of speed, accessories, and price for a solid purchase. Discuss in the...

By APH Networks on

"You can't lift me up," this girl once said to me, making implications about by perceived lack of strength. "Why, because you are ninety percent my weight?" I quickly shot back, not exactly adhering to the two rules of life I always advise people; the...

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The Kingston SSDNow V300 is a very solid drive. If it wasn't labeled as a budget drive many would not have known. The Read performance is well enough to be a great source for a machine that is heavy in media file for streaming to various other devices....

By PC Mag on 80

The 128GB Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SV300S3D7 internal solid-state drive pushes well below the $1 per GB price point without compromising drive...

By GadgetSpeak on 84

SSD drives are slowly getting bigger, more quickly they are becoming lower priced. So is now the time to get one? Certainly the PC/notebook units I have reviewed that have at least a small SSD drive show a huge increase in booting...

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In June, 2012 we published a large group test of SSDs with capacities of 120/128 GB and 240/256 GB . Those are still the most popular sizes, judging from what people search for on Hardware.Info. The world of SSDs didn't stand still, and since then a...

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If you were looking for an affordable 120 or 128 GB SSD, Crucial and Samsing had good options with the v4 and the 840 (not Pro). Both of those did have limitations, the v4 is pretty slow compared to today's standards and the 840 is slow at writing...