Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4 4-bay USB2

  • Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4 4-bay USB2
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  • Intel Atom 64-bit instruction set theoretically supports up to 16TB capacities, flexible upgrade path with X-RAID2, speedy performer with excellent multimedia support.
  • Netgear's ReadyNAS Ultra 4 offers a great backup solution with fast performance. Its excellent hard-drive-bay design and X-RAID 2 configuration make it easy to manage the server's storage.
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet, Many backup options, Many media serving options, Root shell access


  • Fan noise is distracting for a home environment.
  • The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is expensive and has just three USB ports. It doesn't allow users to change RAID configurations from within its Web interface and takes a long time to add a new hard drive to the existing X-RAID2 setup.

Expert reviews and ratings

By APC Magazine on 70

The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is a 4 bay network attached storage device designed for high end home users. This model combines some of Netgear’s nice business NAS features along with features home users need to deal with their ever growing...

By TechRadar on 80

Networked-attached storage (NAS) is a speedy, convenient means of backing up data. Modern units, such as the ReadyNAS Ultra 4 featured here, are also capable of streaming any multimedia files stored on them to any Smart device that can accept them....

By Expert Reviews on 60

With four drive bays you’re unlikely to run out of storage space, but it’s far more expensive than most other NAS devices....

By Macworld UK on 80

Netgear’s Stora is a good option for home users who are buying a NAS drive for the first time, but for more experienced users the company also offers its ReadyNAS Ultra range. There are several models in the range but we tested the ReadyNAS Ultra...

By PC Advisor on 80

If you just want a simple and affordable NAS drive for your home network then you might be better off with the less expensive Stora. However, the ability to configure the ReadyNAS Ultra 4 in any way you want makes it a good option for small...

By on 80

Although it has a consumer feel to it, the flexibility offered by the ReadyNAS Ultra 4 and its nippy processor make it more capable than most. The lack of load-balancing and failover functions, however, could dissuade some business users....

By The Inquirer on 80

The Readynas Ultra 4 is more or less externally identical to the NVX, which is to say it's a solidly made and smart-looking metal box, this time finished in gunmetal grey. It's also remarkably compact considering there's room inside for four...

By IT Reviews on

It's a powerful beast that includes almost every kind of media streaming and belt-and-braces redundancy that you could wish for. Although it may be a bit too noisy for many domestic settings, advanced users will appreciate the business-class...

By cnet on 80

The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is a workhorse NAS server best suited for home- or small-office environments, where heavy data sharing and backups are...

By SmallNetBuilder on

Single-core Atom (D410) version of NETGEAR's popular four-drive...

International Review By BitCity on 83

La famiglia di prodotti ReadyNAS Ultra 4 è costituita da dispositivi per lo storage di rete costruiti per soddisfare le esigenze del pubblico domestico e delle piccole realtà professionali. Con le recenti unità della serie 4000, Netgear...

International Review By Datormagazin on

Vi gillar den här NAS-enheten. Ultra 4 är både snabb och bra. Men den låter för mycket och prislappen är för hög.ReadyNAS Ultra 4 är en enhet för nätverkslagring från Netgear som rymmer fyra...

International Review By PCMweb on 80

Hoewel de ReadyNAS Ultra 4 zich presenteert als een nas voor consumenten, maken de flexibiliteit en de snelle processor deze nas bij uitstek geschikt voor kleinzakelijke klanten. Wie per se wil vertrouwen op load-balancing en failover-functionaliteit...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

De prestaties met 4 disks aan boord zijn vergelijkbaar met de RAID 5-mode in de tabel. De ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is gericht op consumenten en dat is te merken. De interface is vriendelijker dan de voorgaande modellen en er zijn onder meer mogelijkheden om via...

International Review By on 83

Netgear faller litt bak på brukervennlighet – administrasjonsgrensesnittet trenger en forbedring. Det er mulighet for tillegg som installeres for å utvide funksjonaliteten, men dette er ikke like oversiktlig som hos for eksempel Qnap....