OCZ Solid 2 Series SATA300

  • OCZ Solid 2 Series SATA300
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  • Huge improvement in application load time, Much faster boot time
  • TRIM support, Good sequential read and write, Relatively cheap, 3 year warranty
  • Good mix of space, performance, and price, Solid performance, Great read speeds, Good write speeds.


  • Random read and write still lags behind Intel controller drives
  • No upgrade kit to help migrate a laptop, Limited capacity for heavy laptop use, If you want noticeably better performance, you’d need to spend a LOT more money.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Technoyard on 98

As the results show the OCZ Solid 2 Series SATA II drive certainly keeps upto OCZ's trademark performance expectations. Even though aimed at the budget conscious consumer the Solid 2 Series performs well above expectation and would be the ideal...

By I4U on 90

The OCZ Agility 2 SSD is a fantastic update to your computer for your main applications and operating system. The SSD makes the machine feel much faster and improves performance while reducing the time you spend waiting to work. I highly recommend the...

By X-bit Labs on

The Solid 2 series is affordable, too. It is similar to the above-described Onyx but its top capacity is a little higher. It has an updated Indilinx controller with 64 MB of...

By X-bit Labs on

The 120MB Solid 2 model is quite a serious one already as its specified read and write speeds are as high as 220 MBps and 130 MBps, respectively. Interestingly, the specified capacity of...

By Phoronix on 80

With 12 Dbench clients the three OCZ solid-state drives performed more closely to one another, while the Agility EX still came out on top followed by the Solid 2. For a second time, the Solid 2 came out ahead of the Agility EX. This time around it...

By Bjorn3D on 90

Is it time to ditch your mechanical drives? Not yet, at least not until the SSD price drop and the storage capacity increases to match the mechanical hard drives. We can see from our tests that while the SSD are great in the random access and low...

By Pro-Clockers on

What I have to say about the OCZ Solid 2 is wow. For a mere $160 from Newegg you can own one of the fastest ‘value’ SSD drive on the market. OCZ understated the performance of the Solid 2. And in the end this is a great benefit for the...

By Bigbruin on

OCZ Technology's new Solid 2 series of solid state drives are definitely worth considering by anyone looking for solid performance without spending an arm and a leg. Testing proved that the drive can live up to its published specifications (read...

By ThinkComputers on 100

The new Barefoot ECO controller from Indilinx is definitely a step in the right direction in getting more solid state drives in the hands of consumers. The 32nm NAND flash that is used in these drives has a smaller production cost so drive...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

I have been working with and using solid state drives exclusively as my operating system drive for a full year and have become a bit jaded by what this new technology offers. Simply put, you will be hard pressed to find another piece of hardware that...

By Testfreaks on 100

The OCZ Solid 2 shows us some decent read and write speeds, in fact it outperforms the specs that are listed for it and that is a very good thing. The cost of the Solid 2 is right in line with others that are ‘value’ drives, so you’ve...