Patriot SSD 2.5 inch Inferno 120GB MLC SATA300

  • Patriot SSD 2.5 inch Inferno 120GB MLC SATA300
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  • Very impressive 286MB/s read and 275MB/s write in ATTO, Price, Mounting bracket included, 3 year warranty.
  • Strong performance, Good battery life.


  • Price per GB is quite high, as with all high performance SSDs.

Expert reviews and ratings

By FutureLooks on 90

As long as the firmware is up to date and drivers are running properly, SandForce is still the ideal controller for users who want optimal performance without spending too darn much money. Our testing revealed Patriots Inferno 120GB SSD is as...

By on 70

If Patriot's 120GB Inferno was the only SandForce-powered SSD on the market, we'd be lauding the drive for its super-quick performance. Realistically, the drive is one of many, and when put up against the award-winning OCZ Vertex 2, the...

By ThinkComputers on 100

Not really following Patriot that closely until now I am very impressed with the Inferno solid state drive. It out-performed our other 2 120GB SandForce-based drives in most of the tests. I was really impressed with HDTune write benchmark and our...

By StorageReview on

Though it excelled in many of our synthetic tests, the Patriot Inferno SSD doesn't distinguish itself much in practice from the existing SandForce drives. This isn't a bad thing though: these drives are all very fast, so it's not like you...

By Overclockers Club on

The Patriot Inferno drive was a mix of decent speed with unwanted inconsistencies. There were too many ups and downs during the testing that could not give a definitive look at the performance. We have seen this with a few SandForce based drives in...

By HotHardware on

As weve come to expect from SandForce driven solid state drives, the Patriot Inferno 120GB offers excellent performance overall. In every one of our tests, the Patriot Inferno competed favorably with other SandForce-based products from OCZ and...

By Notebook Review on

Patriot has released a solid product with the Inferno SSD. As expected it performs very similar to the other 120GB Sandforce drives we reviewed earlier, the OCZ Agility 120GB. Sometimes the Patriot was a bit faster, sometimes the Agility 2 took the...

By Neoseeker on

Looking at the results, the Inferno scores even better than the previous SandForce-based solid-state drive tested, in general. It only really faltered in the Windows 7 boot test, where it was behind by one mere second slower, and the AS SSD benchmark...