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The M6 is the first and currently the only 2.5" M6 series SSD of Plextor. It has a custom firmware, a Toshiba NAND flash memory and a Marvell controller. The M6S is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities.

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By TechSpot on 80

In its PCI Express form, we would pass on the M6e. We would be interested if it were sold as a standalone M.2 socket SSD at a more affordable price. For now, the M6S and M6M offer excellent performance and reliability, putting them among our most preferred SSD choices.

By TechSpot on

More than a decade has passed since PATA (Parallel ATA) was made redundant by SATA. Originally designed to provide a maximum throughput of 16MB/s, PATA and was eventually upgraded to 133MB/s, which may still seem like plenty when you consider today's...

By Hardware Canucks on

Plextor’s M6S is one of those drives that we just want to like but it may have difficulty reaching headline-making status due to its relatively meager aspirations. Everyone pays plenty of attention to flagship SSDs and if surveys are any indication,...

By CDRLabs on

While the M6S isn't Plextor's fastest or most feature packed SSD, it's a great solution for the consumer looking to boost the performance of their existing desktop or notebook computer. Similar to what we saw with the M6M, the M6S combines Marvell's...

By on

After wrapping up all tests of the PX-256M6S (M6S) we all sat down and tried to figure out what Plextor did wrong this time over since although marginally better compared to the previous generation PX-256M5Pro model (M5 Pro) it didn't do so well against...

By Guru of 3D on

The M6S is the next logical step for Plextor. Transitioning towards 20nm NAND from Toshiba brings down the prices. The product itself offers very good performance. And sure, a more expensive brand might be 50 MB/sec faster overall, but really at these...

By TweakTown on 86

Plextor has a strong relationship with Toshiba, the NAND flash manufacturer for the M6S. Having a relationship and owning a fab are still two completely different things. If Plextor is able to get the TSOP toggle flash cheap enough, then the M6S has a...

By AnandTech on

That said, the M6S/M6M can be a decent buy if the prices drop enough, but I find that unlikely to occur due to Crucial's and Samsung's NAND advantage. With better performance and an improved feature set the M6S and M6M could be more competitive, but as it stands there are better options in the market, namely the 840 EVO and M500/M550.

By TomsHardware on

Plextor's 256 M6S readily competes with that SSD's performance. The same holds true for a match-up with Samsung's 840 EVO. Now we just want to see Plextor stand up to the value offered by those strong entries.

By TheSSDReview on 65

Using a new Marvell controller to pull up IOPS, Plextor releases the M6S notebook SSD which has very stronk throuput and IOPS performance, along with a three year warranty.

By TweakTown on 86

The accessory package is very thin, though, as is the average three-year warranty for this price point. We can only hope the e-tail prices are around half of the MSRP.

By on 68

Using a new Marvell controller to pull up IOPS, Plextor releases the M6S notebook SSD which has very strong throughput and IOPS performance, along with a three year...

By CNET UK on 60

With unimpressive performance that doesn't match its high price, there's no reason why you should pick the Plextor M6S over other SSDs on the...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Der namentliche Nachfolger der Plextor M5S soll bei insgesamt höherer Leistung vor allem in Sachen Energieeffizienz Fortschritte machen. Der Hersteller sieht die M6S-SSD als Produkt zum Nachrüsten für den Einsatz in Desktop-PCs und Notebooks als...

International Review By on

Po przetestowaniu Cruciala M550 przyszła pora by przyjrzeć się bliżej i sprawdzić możliwości jego bezpośredniego konkurenta - dysku SSD Plextor M6S. Jego producent ma na rynku bardzo dobrą opinię wśród użytkowników. Nie ma się czemu dziwić ponieważ serie...

International Review By on

Бурный прогресс на рынке контроллеров SSD сменился определенным застоем. Так, например, Marvell лишь немного обновил свой контроллер пару раз, но на фоне высоких результатов «старой» версии прогресса никто не заметил; компания OCZ довела свой собственный...

International Review By on

«Гонку вооружений» в персональных компьютерах принято обсуждать как давно завершившееся историческое событие. Уровень прироста производительности в процессорах в последнее время вызывает лишь сарказм, рост плотности изображения в мониторах до сих пор...

International Review By on

Plextor, которая ещё совсем недавно была в числе передовых производителей твердотельных накопителей потребительского уровня, за последние месяцы несколько сдала свои позиции. Выпущенные в 2012 году модели M5 Pro и M5S уже устарели, а на протяжении...

International Review By on

Предположения аналитиков, журналистов, пользователей и вообще всех людей, так или иначе имеющих отношение к компьютерным технологиям, по поводу SSD оправдались. Цена на эти устройства в самом деле резко снизилась. Для реализации этого явления должно было...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Met een overall prestatiescore van zo'n 88 punten (zie vorige pagina) presteren de nieuwe Plextor M6S SSD's naar huidige maatstaven gemiddeld. De SSD's mogen dan vooralsnog te duur zijn om een rol in het budgetsegment te spelen, ze zijn gemiddeld ook...