Samsung Spinpoint EcoGreen F4 2TB SATA300

  • Samsung Spinpoint EcoGreen F4 2TB SATA300
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  • Barely gets warm during operation.
  • Runs quieter than most 2TB drives.
  • High areal density of 667GB per platter.


  • Higher than normal vibrations for a 'green' drive.
  • Does not match performance of current-gen non-green HDDs.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BeHardware on

Unfortunately there's no such thing as the perfect hard drive and you'll have to choose your drive according to your priorities. If you’re looking for performance, for a model that will also be serving as a primary drive for example, you’ll want...

By PC Advisor on 80

The power consumption statistics of the F4EG were not too different from other hard disks in the market, which isn't brilliant, considering this hard disk's positioning in the 'green' segment. Still, the improvement in noise reduction...

By PCWorld India on 78

Samsung's latest 2TB HDD in the 'green' hard disk segment is targeted at the power conscious user who also values performance. The Samsung F4EG has higher storage density, allowing this 5400RPM drive to squeeze more performance out of a...

By StorageReview on

When being run through synthetic testing, Samsung's Spinpoint F4EG put in a strong showing if not the strongest. At that point we're really looking at two classes of drives: the older four-platter drives (the Western Digital Caviar Green and the...

By TechRadar on 80

Samsung may not be the first name that springs to mind when you think about hard drives, but it has an extensive range of drives for the desktop market. Not only that, it can also claim a world first with the SpinPoint F4EG, as it was the first to...

By X-bit Labs on

We want to say a few words about the Samsung SpinPoint F4 first. The company decided to introduce new platters into small-capacity products and this solution seems to be right. The SpinPoint F4 is fast, inexpensive (at least, inexpensive to make) and...

By MyCE on 90

“The Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB is one of the best drives that you can buy at this time, it is very fast, quiet and also it can keep the temperatures very low. You won’t miss anything over a 7200RPM drive as long as you use this drive for...

International Review By Technic3D on

Mit der HD204UI führt Samsung definitiv die Stärken der EcoGreen Serie fort. Besonders im Leerlauf überzeugt die Festplatte durch ein kaum wahrnehmbares Betriebsbereich und auch die Datenraten beim sequentiellen Schreiben können...

International Review By Les Numériques on 40

Ce disque économique de Samsung ne tient pas la route face aux concurrents de Seagate, Western Digital et Hitachi. Mieux vaut se tourner vers le 5K300 de ce...

International Review By Alt om DATA on 80

er måske ikke det første navn, du kommer i tanke om, når det kommer til harddiske, men producenten har et meget bredt udvalg af drev til desktop-markedet. Ikke kun det, men man kan også prale af en verdensnyhed: SpinPoint EcoGreen...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on 79

Samsung Ecogreen F4 HD204UI im Test: Ideales Datengrab zum guten Preis (1) [Quelle: siehe Bildergalerie] Samsung Ecogreen F4 HD204UI im Test: Ideales Datengrab zum guten Preis (2) [Quelle: siehe Bildergalerie] Traditionell werden...

International Review By on

Samsung verwendet für die Ecogreen HD204UI die neue Technik . Die Technik arbeitet mit größeren Sektoren - die kleinste physikalische Speichereinheit ist 4096 statt 512 Byte groß. Das ermöglicht es den Herstellern, mehr Daten...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Die neuen Energiespar-Festplatten von Samsung und WD setzen auf Sektoren im so genannten Advanced Format und beeindruckende Plattergrößen von 667 GB. Was die 2-TB-Versionen der Öko-Laufwerke leisten, haben wir im Testlabor ermittelt. Samsung und...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Een Spinpoint F4 EcoGreen als opvolger van een Spinpoint F3 EcoGreen. Je zou denken dat een nieuwe schijf altijd sneller is dan z'n voorloper, maar dat is niet het geval. In de PCMark Vantage test, dé maat voor de prestaties van harde schijven...

International Review By Hardware France on

Du point de vue des performances pures, un disque dur se détache du lot, il s’agit du Caviar Black de Western Digital. Jamais mis à défaut, il s’offre le luxe d’être plus rapide qu’un VelociRaptor en tant que...