Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB3 STAC4000100

  • Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB3 STAC4000100
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  • Huge 4TB storage capacity.
  • Supports numerous connection interfaces.
  • Low price per gigabyte.


  • Plastic construction doesn't provide much physical protection.
  • All 4TB of your data is counting on the survival of just one drive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 80

The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk (4TB) is versatile, upgradeable, secure, and affordable. What's not to like?...

By TechRadar on 80

For anybody who thinks all external hard drives are the same, you've clearly never seen Seagate's GoFlex range. GoFlex's ports are built into a removable section that plugs into the main body of the drive using a SATA connector. This can be...

By Bigbruin on

The Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB USB 3.0 hard drive delivers exactly what we've come to expect from Seagate. The massive capacity could probably store your entire music, movie, and picture collections with room to spare - and with the USB 3.0 interface...

By Everything USB on

Not that we had any doubts they'd someday exist, but four terabyte hard drives are finally a reality. Seagate earns the marks this time around for being first, curiously choosing to deliver their 7,200 RPM behemoth exclusively as an external drive...

By Macworld on 80

Seagate’s latest hard drive, the GoFlex Desk External Drive offers a whopping 4TB of storage. It also offers connectivity adapters and decent speeds. Don’t get your hands all over it, though, because it quickly gets dirty from too much...

By Expert Reviews on 80

A massive external hard disk at a reasonable price, but there are cheaper ways of getting 4TB of desktop storage...

By Mac|Life on 70

If you need a lot of backup space and can’t see yourself bothering with the convoluted nature of a RAID, the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the best alternative. Product FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Drive Company Seagate Contact

By StorageReview on

The 4TB GoFlex Desk from Seagate offers class-leading storage capacity capable of serving even the most avid media enthusiast thanks to a speedy 7200RPM hard drive at its core. This combo is merged with a USB 3.0 interface (with optional FireWire...

By CRN on

Seagate Free Agent GoFlexWhen it comes to desktop storage, when is enough enough? According to disk drive maker Seagate, four terabytes is not more than enough. The company’s Free Agent GoFlex with 4 TB of storage, and included backup software,...

International Review By on

Höher, schneller, weiter: Dieses Motto dürften sich die Ingenieure bei der Entwicklung der Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 4TB als Ziel gesetzt haben. Mehr Speicherkapazität und eine höhere Geschwindigkeit hat es auch bei guten...

International Review By on 75

Die Seagate GoFlex Desk 4TB (STAC4000200) arbeitet mit 7.200 U/Min, besitzt 64 MByte Cache und fünf Scheiben (Platter) zu je 800 GByte. Im Wechselsockel unseres Testmodells war eine USB-3.0-Schnittstelle verbaut, die aber zu USB 2.0 abwärts...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Le GoFlex Desk de Seagate se révèle véloce et bien conçu, avec son système de base indépendante du disque. Dommage qu’il ne possède pas d’interrupteur marche/arrêt....