Amazon Kindle DX 2010

  • Amazon Kindle DX 2010
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  • Crisper eInk screen, Faster page turns, Accelerometer automatically adjusts screen orientation, Fast wireless downloads


  • No left-side page turn buttons, Typing on keyboard is difficult, Unable to create notes on documents, Can't export notes

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By Tom's Guide on

The bottom line for me is that the Kindle is a one-trick pony that does that trick very well, better than the iPad. I recently relocated my home and had to box up 10 heavy boxes of books. The idea of putting 90% of them into one 1.5-pound device is...

By on

On Saturday I received the latest generation Amazon Kindle. Until now I had refused to get an e-reader due to the high prices they commanded. But with the announcement of a Wi-Fi-only Kindle for just $139, I decided to take the plunge. Unlike with a...

By LaptopMag on 60

This large-screen eReader features an improved display and a lower price, but it still doesn't offer a robust enough experience for...

International Review By on

Der Amazon Kindle DX zeigt, dass die Zukunft des Buchmarkts im digitalen Vertrieb liegen kann. Er zeigt als elektronisches Lesegert, vor allem was das Display angeht, gute Anstze. Wenn man bedenkt, dass auf einen Kindle mit lediglich 4 Gb...