Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device U.S. & International Wireless

  • Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device U.S. & International Wireless
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  • Decent ebook reader, 3G data connection built in, Amazon content.


  • Missing SD slot from original Kindle, lack of WiFi, no UK plug, limited file formats.

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By IT PRO on

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By GadgetSpeak on 96

This is the third such device I have seen recently; it is probably good news for both the others that I have seen the Kindle third. However if I had not seen the Kindle third I would never have been able to recommend it for a highly commended...

By RegHardware on 70

Assuming you plan on buying all your books from Amazon, won't miss a decent music player and don't have any ePub files you want to read, the Kindle should satisfy. The screen is good, it's easy to use and, file support aside, the features...

By PC Authority on 50

Excellent hardware that’s let down by the Kindle Store and the irritating proprietary format on which it depends....

By The Inquirer on 70

It has taken nearly two years for the online reseller giant to bring its popular ebook reader to the UK, while the Kindle is now on its third generation in the United States. Since its first incarnation the Kindle has gone through several changes,...

By ZDNet UK on 80

The new internationalised Kindle uses AT&T's data network for wireless access, and represents an incremental improvement to the Kindle line, just as serious competition is ramping up in the e-book...

By Trusted Reviews on 70

Many people simply don't get eBooks. The concept of wanting to read literature on an electronic device just seems, well, wrong to lovers of the written word, and to a certain degree I agree with them. I can't imagine myself wanting to read a...

By cnet on

On October 22, 2009, Amazon the U.S.-only version of the Kindle and replaced it with the international Kindle model and set the price at $259. This new model--now called the "U.S. and International Kindle"--runs on AT&T's network and can access...

By on 60

A great eReader let down by a hamfisted approach to bringing it to the...

International Review By Media:Mac on

Vi har mødt Amazon's digitale bog, Kindle, her i Danmark. Mødet med selve enheden var denne skribents første møde med en rigtig konkurrent til trykte bøger. Desværre har den lidt begrænsninger uden for...

International Review By TV 2 Beep on

Bøger og papiraviserne er ikke just morgendagens teknologi, men den nye Kindle er med til at sikre et vigtig medie fra den kommende død. Vi har testet Kindle International.Det er ikke fordi bogbranchen er i yderste nød og døden lurer...