Augen GenTouch78

  • Augen GenTouch78
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  • Small and portable, Easy to use, Comes with nice carrying case, Seems well made, Familiar Android OS, ’Hacker’ friendly
  • Inexpensive, Includes Android Market and other core Google apps, Lightweight and comfortable to hold, Streaming video plays smoothly


  • Low resolutions screen, No volume buttons, None of the normal ‘Google’ stuff included, Resistive screen
  • Terrible design, Unresponsive touchscreen, Sluggish performance, No dedicated volume controls, Lacks accelerometer, Android market is currently non-functional

Expert reviews and ratings

By Testfreaks on 70

The Augen Gentouch78 is by no stretch of the imagination a powerful device but it is what it is. Its an inexpensive Android based tablet thats fun to use and enjoy, it wont replace an iPad or something like the Galaxy Tab, but it...

By LaptopMag on 30

The $149 tablet may be affordable, but it's practically...

By Rugged PC Review on

This is an assessment of the Augen GenTouch78, a US$169 tablet running the Android 2.1 OS platform. The GenTouch is one of the first Android-based tablets and as such can provide clues as to where Android stands as a potential platform of choice for...