• Kobo Aura
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  • Even screen lighting.
  • Smaller, lighter than Amazon and B&N equivalents.
  • Superb font controls and onscreen keyboard.


  • No audio features.
  • Pricier than competing models.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GadgetReview on 93

It's the perfect E-reader for anyone who reads more than books. window._taboola = window._taboola...

By Engadget on 82

Kobo's built a terrific e-reader, but the high price is tough to...

By MacNN on 70

Five years ago, we thought that by the end of 2013 there'd be a bigger market for e-book readers. Then, along came the tablet that Jobs built and a slew of followers-on. Just as the iPod did away with most of the competition, the tablet market seems to...

By GadgetSpeak on 84

This is the smaller SD version of the Kobo HD that was launched earlier this year. Can this smaller device match what it offered, or does it launch offer even more as it has at least one feature that I have not noticed in other...

By PC Authority on 83

When it comes to eReaders, Kobo has made some serious inroads into the market, thanks largely to the work it has done with Australian booksellers to become the eReader of choice in the local market. This is incredibly important with the spectre of...

By T3 on 60

Were the Kobo Aura cheaper than its main competitor, the Kindle Paperwhite, we might be more inclined to recommend it. It does, after all, have compact, pocketable dimensions and a very easy to use backlight.

By cnet on 70

With its more portable design, the Kobo Aura is a worthwhile -- albeit pricier -- Kindle Paperwhite alternative for EPUB fans who don't want to be tied to Amazon's proprietary...

By The Inquirer on 80

JAPANESE EREADER MAKER Kobo is relentless in its push to rival the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, regularly adding fresh, cheaper designs and updates to its family of devices to convince the market that it is the best value for...

By PC Pro on 67

A conveniently compact ebook reader that does the job, but the price is slightly too...

By uk.hardware.info on

Kobo is investing a lot in its new e-readers, and we recently took a closer look at the Aura HD and the new Aura. Which one is the ultimate e-reader is difficult to say. What you can be sure about is that either one will make you very happy....

By DigitalVersus on 100

The Kobo Aura is like the Kobo Glo, but better: it has a sleeker design, twice as much storage, longer battery life, a multitouch screen and the handy Pocket feature. Once again, Kobo has won us over with an all-star product and an elegant...

By IT Pro Portal on 90

The Aura is a great eBook reader. It is £20 more expensive than the Kobo Glo – which is still available to buy – but for my money it's a better designed and even more solid reader that fits slightly more comfortably in the hand. Of course, the new...

By TrustedReviews on 90

With the longest battery life of any eReader on the market, you can overlook the slightly higher price of the Kobo Aura. It has a great and even backlight, clear text and loads of software features that will let you enjoy your chosen book with ease. Certainly a very strong contender for your Christmas list.

By gadgetshow.channel5.com on 80

Kobo's latest e-reader is a solid effort that comes close to rivalling Amazon's Kindle range, thanks to a solid high-resolution screen, excellent build quality and an evenly distributed frontlight. Throw in Pocket integration, great battery life and a...

By tech.uk.msn.com on 80

We really like the Kobo Aura. It does the core job very well and it's something of a pleasure to own. If Kobo could iron out the kinks, it'd be a stone cold, five star...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Has a lower resolution than the Aura HD, but it's a great value eReader and a worthy rival to the Amazon Kindle...

By Computer Shopper on 80

The Aura costs $30 to $50 more than its main competitors. In terms of design, software, and build, it justifies the pricing, but it's squeezed by cheaper E Ink readers on one side and color tablets on the other....

By mobilechoice.co.uk on 80

If you’re after an eReader for taking on holiday or the daily commute, the Kobo Aura is a great option. It’s compact enough to carry anywhere, the expandable storage means you can carry an enormous collection, and the ClarityScreen can be clearly seen at...

By PCMag on 60

Kobo's latest Aura ebook reader brings the Aura HD's technology down to a smaller device size and lower price point. It adds a few tricks of its own, but it's still not enough to switch from a Kindle.

By CNET Australia on 84

If you want to pay a little more, the Kobo Aura provides a slick and intuitive user experience compared to its...