Nokia Lumia 630

  • Nokia Lumia 630
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  • Colourful design.
  • New, improved Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Value for money.


  • Low-res, blocky screen.
  • Some apps not available on Windows Phone 8.1.

Expert reviews and ratings

By AnandTech on

If you don’t do a lot of gaming on your mobile device, you can get by with the 630. It’s always difficult to get the compromise just right, and in this case I think it’s very close but comes up a bit short in a few key areas. Price isn’t one of them though, and once again you get a decent smartphone experience for not a lot of money, but it’s just not the clear upgrade I was hoping it would be.

By Expert Reviews on 100

A great-value Windows Phone device that has superb battery life and excellent...

By on

The first time we saw the Lumia 630 was at Build 2014 where Microsoft showcased Windows Phone 8.1 . Its 4.5-inch ClearBlack screen display is powered by a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor , 1,830mAh battery, 5MP rear camera ( no front facing), 8GB...

By on 75

It used to be the case - not all that long ago, in fact - that “low-cost” was synonymous with “low quality” in the smartphone space. Flooded with torrents of wretched, miserable Android devices, anyone looking for a really cheap smartphone ended up...

By on

The Lumia 630 is a milestone for the Nokia-Microsoft supergroup, as it marks the first handset to be released that runs the latest version of the Windows Phone software - Windows Phone 8.1.Windows Phone 8.1 brings with it a few new features, while the...

By DigitalVersus on 60

For fans of Windows Phone or anyone who fancies getting to know Microsoft's mobile OS without breaking the bank, the Nokia Lumia 630 is an excellent choice. A higher screen resolution would have made it even better, especially considering what you get...

By What Mobile on 75

It’s your best option if you’re looking for an affordable Windows Phone device, and a solid all-round entry-level handset to...

By 3G UK on 80

Here's the updated version of the Lumia 620, in the shape of the Nokia Lumia 630. This is the latest of the Nokia devices that comes in at less than £100 – it's also the first in this price bracket to come complete with Windows Phone 8.1This phone...

By Pocket-lint on 70

The Nokia Lumia 630 is something of a mixed bag. It's cheap, cheerful and Nokia succeeds in delivering a bright and well built handset that's ahead of many competitors' plastic offerings. It also gives you the latest Windows Phone 8.1...

By IT Pro Portal on 70

The negatives of the Lumia 630 are rather in your face – there are some issues with the screen resolution and backlight, sluggish loading of apps, lacklustre camera facilities and Windows Phone's perennial problem of a poorly stocked app store. But the...

By Know Your Mobile on 80

As you may have noticed from my previous comments, I like the Lumia 630 and Windows Phone 8.1. There are stumbling blocks here and there, but ultimately you get a very cohesive and comprehensive smartphone experience which is definitely moving in the...

By IT PRO on 80

A great budget Windows Phone device with a removable battery and expandable...

By Engadget on

To its credit, the 5-megapixel camera is better than you might suspect, and it has the Lumia line's signature fun, colorful stylings. If the handset cost £50, I'd probably feel differently about its shortcomings, but the truth is there are better and comparable phones available for less. I have no choice but to issue a stern warning to avoid it, as there are several attractive and more affordable alternatives.

By Engadget on 57

Summary Where other affordable Lumias have struck the right balance between utility and price, the 630 falls short. It's nice to look at and takes good pictures, but it's otherwise a flawed device. With various better options available for the same...

By Pocketnow on 60

While we love those new sensor core features for GPS-independent exercise tracking, the Lumia 630 is a tough sell with so many other hardware features lacking (or simply absent). If you're going to go with a budget Windows Phone, we'd recommend going...

By SlashGear on

Those in the market for a fairly solid mid-range device who have an aversion to Android, this one may suit you. As a Windows Phone, it left us wanting, but that’s just the mid-range game sometimes. Windows Phone begs for better hardware all around, and the Nokia 630 doesn’t deliver. For the market it’s aims at, though, it will likely be a good foot in the door for Microsoft.

By PC Pro on 67

A perfectly passable budget handset, but a poor display robs it of...

By NotebookCheck on 81

Of course, Nokia's Lumia 630 has a considerably lower recommended price than the Lumia 620 had when it was launched on the market just over a year ago. The market has changed since then, and the prices for entry-level smartphones have dropped a notch....

By TechRadar on 90

I'd like to take my hat off to Microsoft and Nokia who have built on the success of the Nokia Lumia 520 brilliantly to design and build yet another respectable budget phone in the Nokia Lumia 630. For a low price it does all the basics and does them...

By TechRadar on 90

The Lumia 630 comes with a new and improved colourful design and Windows Phone 8.1. It's full of new features and a step up from anything Nokia has had to offer in the entry level Windows Phone category so far.