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Razer is billing the Edge Pro as the world’s first tablet designed exclusively for high-end gaming. The Edge Pro sports an Intel Core i7-3517U, graphics are powered by an Nvidia GT 640M LE, 8GB - DDR3/1600 of RAM and a 256GB SSD for storage.

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By TechSpot on

Like many PC gamers, I've often wished a machine capable of putting the power of a gaming rig in a portable device. Gaming laptops are lovely and have their place, but that place is often on top of a desk. After a week with Razer's new Edge gaming...

By HardwareHeaven on

More than two years ago we got our first glimpse of Project Fiona at CES 2012. Today Kaeyi Dream talks us through the Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet. Watch the video below.Subscribe to the HardwareHeaven YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with our video...

By T3 on 60

But the Edge Pro also has many drawbacks, including a high price, hefty weight and poor battery life. We'd struggle to recommend it to anyone over a gaming laptop, which will offer even better performance for your money.

By Stuff.tv on 60

If you're a serious gamer, Call of Duty certainly beats Candy Crush Saga, and there's nothing quite like being able to play the latest PC titles on-the-go. However, the Razer Edge Pro has too many drawbacks, such as weight and battery life, to make it...

By Wired on 60

As tablets go, the Razer Edge is big, heavy, and expensive. Its battery life is pretty lousy, too. But it's also fast as hell, well built, and a total blast to use. It's one of the least-mobile mobile devices I've ever tested, and also the most...

By Digital Trends on 60

The Edge is a product before its time. While the concept has merit, it suffers from flaws – and that's not entirely Razer's fault. Yes, the tablet and controller could be more ergonomic and attractive; but would such changes make the Edge less...

By LaptopMag on 70

The Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet crams high-powered specs into a chunky chassis for fragging on the...

By TechRadar on 70

We don't recommend running out to buy one, no matter how optimistic you are about your tax return, but go out of your way to give it a try.

By TechRadar AU on 70

So the Razer Edge's claims of portability come with a grain of salt when you factor all the gear needed to make it gaming ready. Then there's the matter of its battery life. But it does perform as advertised when it comes to gaming. Frame rates were...

By CNET Australia on 73

The Razer Edge Pro is the Swiss Army knife of gaming tablets, but you'll need to make a few compromises for the...

By PCWorld India on

PC gaming is poised to break free from the desktop--it just needs a device that delivers fast frame rates and lush graphics in an affordable, portable package. Enter the Razer Edge Pro, a Windows 8 tablet built expressly for playing PC games on the...

By CNET Australia on 70

The Razer Edge is one of the most inventive PC gaming devices in years, but you'll pay a premium for portability and proprietary...

By The Verge on 73

I really like the Razer Edge - I've had a blast using it, using subway rides and free moments to catch up on all the games I missed. But unless you have money to burn, or fit into a very particular niche in the market, there's a good chance this isn't the device for you.

By IGN on 69

Despite its flaws, there's a lot of potential in the Edge and the gaming tablet category, but the concept needs refinement. Razer certainly deserves credit for leading the charge, but in order to be appealing to a wider array of consumers, the Edge needs to be lighter, faster, and less expensive.

By Engadget on

Modular accessories and a dedicated GPU make the Razer Edge an intriguing PC gaming tablet, but weak battery life and usability hiccups leave us inclined to wait for a second-gen model.

By PCWorld on 80

Razer's first tablet delivers killer performance in a reasonably portable package. You can finally play PC games on a tablet, but you have to accept some compromises.

By MaximumPC on 50

The Razer Edge sounds fantastic: a Windows 8 tablet, notebook, and portable gaming system in one. But in actual use, the Edge is a letdown.

By AnandTech on 70

The Edge feels like a PC-iPad-PSP mashup from the future, and it's incredibly exciting. As much as it was hyped up with all the CES awards and social media marketing push, Razer has created a fascinating gaming machine that could change the way we view portable gaming going forward.

By Geek.com on

1 of 3 Next With Microsoft and Canonical attempting to bring their full operating systems to tablets with Windows 8 and Ubuntu Touch, and with tablets inevitably growing stronger with every new hardware release, it would seem the space is already...

By tabletpcreview.com on 80

I know right off the bat that people are going to criticize the battery life, screen resolution, and weight of the device, but I have to give Razer credit for creating such a bold product. The game controller really makes a difference for tablet gaming...