Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
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  • Great display.
  • Slim and light.
  • Fast.


  • Plastic body.
  • GPU and Wi-Fi performance could be a little better.

Expert reviews and ratings

By 3G UK on 90

The Alternatives:iPad Mini with Retina display | Google Nexus 7 2013 | Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Small tablets have been dominated by the iPad mini since 2012 – and while its bigger brother has seen a number of rivals, and there have been any number of...

By Expert Reviews on 100

A stunning screen and stellar performance makes this the new best compact Android...

By TrustedReviews on 90

In every way that matters, this is a great tablet. The fingerprint reader is naff and some of Samsung’s software features miss the mark, but the screen is great it’s the perfect size for toting around with you everywhere.

By on

You'll hear a lot of snarky comments about Samsung's "throw everything against the wall and see what sticks" approach to consumer tech products. And perhaps rightfully so. But the flip side to that strategy is that we get to see the latest innovations...

By MobileTechReview on 80

Undeniably, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and its 10.5 inch counterpart are two of the best Android tablets currently on the market. They're fast, thin, light and they have fantastic screens. The Tab S 8.4 particularly stands out with its high pixel...

By The Verge on 78

There's only so much software hand-waving that Samsung can do to try to make up for that last fact. But creating more elegant hardware is fully within the company's control, and it just hasn’t done that here. For the same price as the equivalent iPad, the Tab S should have hardware that’s as good as the iPad, and it doesn’t.

By TechCrunch on

Truth be told, that’s likely what most tablet users are in the market for – especially those who don’t need the power and productivity of a notebook. I still find that the Android tablet ecosystem lags behind that of Apple and its iPad, but Samsung has put a lot of work in since the first Galaxy tablet devices, and it really shows.

By AnandTech on

A successor with a better SoC might be a good start. Perhaps Snapdragon 808/810 might be a good option next year, or an 805 based solution by the end of this year depending on how aggressive of a schedule Samsung sticks to for tablet releases going forward.

By PhoneArena on 90

The deciding factor, naturally, is that if you’re more intent on consuming multimedia content, you’re best bet is to pick up the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, but if you’re more inclined to do some serious work while on the go, then stick with the Tab Pro 8.4.

By The Wall Street Journal on

Samsung has finally delivered a tablet equivalent of one of the world's most popular smartphones—and given those who have bought that phone a few compelling reasons to buy a Tab S over an iPad. That may work just enough to get a lot more people asking "iPad or Galaxy Tab…S?"

By Gizmodo on 90

The Galaxy Tab S (in both sizes) has the best display of any tablet to date, by a healthy margin. If you watch a ton of video, edit photos, and/or play a lot of HD games on your tablet, then it's worth considering for the screen alone, and the tablet it's attached to is pretty good, too. That said, the 8.4 is $400 and the 10.5 is $500, which is pretty pricey!

By SlashGear on 90

Both, of course, have that eye-catching Super AMOLED display technology and a capable camera, along with reassuring battery life to match. It’s taken Samsung a while, but the Galaxy Tab S demonstrates its tablet division has finally caught up with its phones, and that Android slates needn’t be the ugly cousins to Apple’s iPads in either design or capabilities.

By cnet on 83

An exceptional screen and a long list of software goodies make the Galaxy Tab S Samsung's best tablet to date and our top Android choice for an entertainment slate.

By Engadget on 89

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is good. Really good. With long battery life, a stunning screen and an especially thin and light design, it earns its place as our new favorite Android tablet. My main hang-up is that the performance doesn't always feel as brisk as it should (the forthcoming LTE edition uses a different chip, and has the potential to be faster, but it's unreasonable to ask someone to pay extra for the kind of performance they should have gotten on the WiFi-only models)

By AndroidCentral on

Folks who are fans of what Samsung has done with Android and mobile in general (queue the chants of NOTE 3! NOTE 3!) will absolutely love the Tab S. I'm guessing that folks who are ambivalent to the whole mobile OS war thing will be, too. Samsung has delivered a tablet to rival the best of the market with the Tab S, and there is plenty here to love.

By on

Samsung has never made a tablet that truly got my blood pumping, but that might've just changed. I bought an original Galaxy Tab when it was first released, only to find the experience frustrating and return it a few days later because of a dropped Wi-Fi...

By LaptopMag on 80

Combining the sharpest display on a tablet yet with an attractive design and powerful software, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is worth its premium...

By PC Mag on 80

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 has supremely elegant hardware, but its competition is...

By on 87

8.7 Without a doubt, the finest tablet Samsung has ever created, and arguably one of the best compact tablets...

By Phone Arena on 90

Variety is a good thing, right? We absolutely agree with that notion, as the consumer is the one to be greatly impacted by all of it in the end. However, it's just that sometimes the focus gets mixed up and changed as a new product is introduced. Well...