Panasonic TC-P50ST30

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  • Easy to use and configure, Excellent slideshows, Includes 3D, WiFi, USB, and SD Card support.
  • Very good picture quality, Features include 3D and Internet streaming, WiFi adaptor included.
  • Good colors and black levels. Solid selection of Web apps.


  • Menus not always intuitive, Unexceptional image quality, Distorted sound.
  • Limited brightness, 3D glasses not included and are expensive, Getting colors perfect can take a bit of work, Some issues with motion artifacts

Expert reviews and ratings

By on

Should you be bothered by a simple design, the Panasonic Viera TC-P42ST30 shouldn't be on your shopping list. But, if you don't mind looks that much, this TV is quite a...

By Canada HiFi on

October 24th, 2011, In Reviews, Television Sets, by Mike OsadciwPanasonic is no newcomer to plasma television. Having developed panels for as long as I can remember, consistency seems to be the company’s mission. Solid. Elegant. Functional. ...

By Plasma TV Buying Guide on 88

Once the phosphors are ramped up in the right direction, the colors on this TV really pop. Dark shadow detail is superb, and black levels look saturated though not the best we've seen. There is some background motion artifacts present, no doubt...

By Home Theater on 84

The ST30 series offers the best value by far among Panasonic's 2011 3D plasmas. Detail, color, blacks, and shadow detail are all excellent, even without THX certification. The G30 offers a few perks, such as slightly spiffier aesthetics, more cable...

By PCWorld on 70

The $1400 Panasonic TC-P50ST30 seems like a good deal for a 50-inch 3D HDTV, but the audio and video quality are both lacking, and the set doesn't come with 3D glasses....

By ConsumerSearch on

While some TVs can deliver deeper blacks or cut a more stylish figure -- the 55-inch Panasonic TC-P55VT30 (*Est. $2,700), for example -- few TVs do as good a job of delivering very good overall picture quality, a full complement of cutting-edge...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Stunning black levels and useful internet TV functions make this a fantastic mid-range 3DTV, although the next model up is better value....

By PC Mag on 70

While it has its share of flaws, Panasonic's 50-inch TC-P50ST30 3D-ready plasma HDTV has a good picture and plenty of Web apps, making is a solid choice if you want a big screen at a reasonable price. Buy it...

By TechReviewSource on 70

The Panasonic TC-P50ST30 is a 50-inch 3D plasma TV that includes Internet applications and connectivity. It also has fantastic picture quality and very deep black levels, which gives this TV a huge advantage in picture quality. However, Panasonic...

By cnet on 74

If you can live with its homely design, the excellent picture quality and feature set of the Panasonic TC-PST30 series combine to make it one of the best plasma TV values...

By Big Picture Big Sound on 88

I have been sitting on the 3D fence for more than a year and I could never justify spending $4,000 on a 65" 3D HDTV due to the lack of content and because my projector set-up is quite superior with 2D content. The Panasonic TC-P50ST30 isn't a...

By AVguide on 80

Count Panasonic as a plasma stalwart, as they’ve introduced no less than five plasma TV model ranges for 2011, including three tiers of 3D 1080p models. Their ST30-series 3D plasma sets, consisting of six models with screen sizes from 42” up...

By TelevisionInfo on

The Panasonic Viera TC-P50ST30 ($1499 MSRP) has made some big improvements since last year's first-generation 3D TVs. While we're still not sold on the efficacy or enjoyability of home 3D, we're convinced (once again) that plasma TVs like...

By Home Theater Review on 80

With an MSRP of $1,799.95, the new TC-P55ST30 is a very good value in the large-screen 3D category--especially compared with similarly sized LED/LCD models. This plasma TV might not offer quite the performance that you'll find in Panasonic's...