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Benchmarks: Call of Duty, Company of Heroes

The Radeon HD 4770 performed well in Call of Duty World at War, delivering an average frame rate of 61fps at 1920x1200, making it 9% faster than the GeForce 9800 GT. The Radeon HD 4770 was just 6% slower than the Radeon HD 4850 at the same resolution.

When testing with Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts we see that the new Radeon HD 4770 is 16% faster than the GeForce 9800 GT at 1920x1200. This was helped by the fact that the Radeon HD 4770 was also 4% faster than the Radeon HD 4850.

The Radeon HD 4770 was about 15% slower than the GeForce 9800 GTX+ which given the price difference is still a great result for ATI.