Overclocking Performance

The Radeon HD 4770 looks to be a good overclocker though we are not exactly sure how far it will go. At the time of writing this review and because of time constraints, only the ATI Catalyst control panel could be used to overclock this graphics card.

Unfortunately the ATI CP supports a maximum core clock of 830MHz allowing for a 10% overclock. The memory was limited to a 6% overclock as the slider bar would not allow us to select frequencies above 850MHz. Here are the results...

Our small overclock resulted in a 10% performance boost at 1920x1200 when testing with Unreal Tournament. This allowed the Radeon HD 4770 to match the performance of the Radeon HD 4850 in this particular game making it faster than the GeForce 9800 GT at 1680x1050 and 1440x900.

The overclock had a minor impact in Far Cry 2 and perhaps this has something to do with the already stellar performance of the Radeon HD 4770 in this game.