Philips Acoustic Edge review

Philips are a widely known company to most, although Soundcards are probably the last thing you'd thing of if you were asked to name something that they sell. With the Acoustic Edge (& the other 2 soundcards in this range) Philips are clearly wanting to change all that. The Acoustic Edge is the high end soundcard in this range supporting 5.1 speaker output & a variety of QSound features to improve 3D Sound, particularly from Stereo sources for only $99. So is it any good? Read on.


Listed below are the specifications of the Philips Acoustic Edge, 5.1 channel PCI Soundcard..


  • Creates 5.1 distinct surround sound channels

  • Revolutionizes the music listening experience


  • 5.1 channel surround from any A/V source

  • Dolby Digital, QMSS & QSurround DVDplayback to 2, 4, or 5.1 speakers* (*Requires compatible soft-DVD player)


  • 2, 4, & 5.1 speaker 3D for every game

  • Transforms game play into a home theater experience!

Technical Specifications:

Audio Accelerator/Digital Signal Processor

  • PHILIPS ThunderBird Avenger™ DSP for extreme hardware acceleration Codec

  • AC97 CODEC

Bus Interface:

  • PCI 2.1 bus master

Industry Specifications:

  • Exceeds PC98 & PC99 audio requirements

  • SNR > 92dB typical

Digital Acceleration:

  • 96 streams of 3D audio acceleration including position reverb

  • 256 streams of DirectSound accelerations & digital mixing

  • Full-duplex, 48khz digital recording & playback

  • 64 hardware sample rate conversion channels up to 48khz

  • Wavetable & FM Synthesis

  • DirectInput devices

Comprehensive Connectivity

  • 5.1 (6 channel) channel analog output

  • Digital S/PDIF output (stereo, AC3 or DTS signal)

  • Digital S/PDIF input

  • MIDI in/Midi out/dual game port

  • Additional external inputs: Line in, Mic in

  • Additional internal inputs: CD in, Aux in,TAD in, S/PDIF in)

  • Special effects can be applied to any audio input including conversion of stereo to quadraphonic or 5.1 output, QXpander, 2D-to-3D remapping & reverb

Music Synthesis

  • Up to 576 total wavetable synthesis voices

  • Reverb & chorus

  • 96 channel hardware CD quality (16 bit, 44.1khz) wavetable synthesizer with 5.9MB sample set

  • Hardware FM Synthesizer (real mode DOS)

  • 512 voice professional quality soft-synth with XG & GM compatibility

Digital Signal Processor Algorithms

  • QSound3DInteractive™ positional 3D for 2 speakers, 4 speakers or 5.1 speakers

  • QSound Multi Speaker System™ for quadraphonic or 5.1 channel output of stereo music,video & games

  • QSound Environmental Modeling for EAX™ & DirectSound3D™ games

  • QXpander™ & “2D to 3D remapping” for 3D enhancement of stereo playback

  • QSurround™ virtual 5.1 playback of DVDs using 2 speakers* (* Requires compatible soft-DVD player)

System Requirements:

  • 1 available PCI 2.1-compliant slot

  • Genuine Intel‚ Pentium class 133Mhz or faster processor

  • Intel or 100% compatible motherboard chip set

  • 16MB system RAM

  • CD-ROM for driver installation

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