DVD Burner round-up: 12x and 8x drives tested



Pioneer DVR-A07XLA

This drive is very similar to the DVR-S706 external offering from Pioneer. Both drives utilize the same software bundle, and both specification sheets look identical. From the exterior, the drives look exactly the same, if one could ignore the fact that one is internal, and the other is external. The face plate of the drive is the same as the external, but unfortunately, it looks rather awkward as an internal device.

When installed in my test PC, the drive looks a little out of place, due to its rectangular lines and large gap around the perimeter. Itís pretty obvious that Pioneer set out to make a distinctive look. The one thing that looks real nice is the silver eject button. Itís metal, shinny, and protrudes out a nice distance for wider fingers. The drive comes in two different colors, black or beige.

The drives specifications are as followed:

DVD-R 8x
DVD+R 8x
CD-R 24x
CD-RW 24x
DVD-ROM (read) 12x
CD-ROM (read) 40x
Dual layer -
(click for details)

Installation was straight forward, and there were no speed bumps throughout the process. The drive accepted all media I through at it, and was remarkably quiet throughout the testing procedure. Included in the box was the same software package that comes with the driveís external cousin, and blank DVD-R / DVD-RW JVC Media.

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