Leufken Water-Cooling Kit review


As I mentioned before, with regular air-cooling my CPU could run reliably at 850mhz, but seeing as it’s a Duron, which are known for their good overclocking, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by this speed. So I was quite enthusiastic to see what speeds would the processor achieve with water-cooling. I managed to get it to 950mhz, still 50 left to the magic number. But nothing I did could get the CPU stable at 1Ghz. I called a friend to me and he came over with his soldering iron. We had to increase the voltage beyond the 1.85v that the Socket-A motherboards are limited to. We followed this guide as seen here and soldered a 22k ohm resistor onto the motherboard to give us an increased voltage. I increased the voltage to 2.05v and this got the processor running perfectly stable @ 1000Mhz.  

By now you probably understand that you will void your warranty and you need to be a bit crazy to do this. The procedure consists of soldering a wire on one extremely small soldering pad right between the AGP socket and the big capacitors right above. One wrong move and you have a dead motherboard without warranty, just to make things clear you do this completely at your own risk and it’s not my fault if you kill your motherboard.

If you really want to push your CPU to it’s absolute maximum you will probably need the extra voltage. So it’s up to you if you want to take the risk of everything and might just achieve/loose what you risked.

Of course, as I already have mentioned this will void any warranty your CPU and motherboard had, plus it will substantially reduce the life expectancy of your CPU.

The sound of the two Sunon fan’s where a bit to loud for me, but don’t fear! I found a great guide on how to make a “variable fan resistor” over at Ocmod.com. Now what this lets you do is set the RPM of your Fan’s to anything you like, from zero up to 100% I recommend anyone who gets annoyed about her/his computers fan noise to make this thing, just follow the link above.


The water cooler comes in at $120. Now there are quite a few things to consider when buying this cooler, one is that it will not be obsolete in 6 months. And the other is that it will probably fit any new processor socket design that comes out in the following few years.

The other thing is if it really “pays off” to buy this thing, well currently you can get a Duron 700 for about $70 and a T-Bird 1000 with a good HSF for around $180.Now if those two advantages are worth more than the security of your computer is up to you to decide.  Leufkens guarantee that there will be absolutely no water leaks if you order one of their “complete” kits.

I found this product to be very good, but a more safety conscious user might not find the risk of leakage acceptable.

BTW, Very big thanks goes out to Boby from 3DS Forums for helping me with the grammar, if it wasn’t for him it would have taken you the double time to read this and your probably wouldn’t have understood a word =).


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