The best gaming mouse: Logitech G5 vs. Razer Copperhead



Logitech G5

Founded in 1981, Logitech should be no stranger to any of us. Traditionally an input device maker, today Logitech continues to be a leading brand for devices such as keyboards, mice, as well as webcams, speakers, music player accessories, and more. Logitech's retail business accounts for 87 percent of its revenue according to its website, which talks highly of its brand recognition.

Let's start out by saying that the G5 is not the only flagship product in Logitech’s current line up but it also includes the G7, a similarly high-end gaming mouse but in cordless flavor. So you may say the G7 is the MX1000 successor, while the G5 is meant to replace our previous gaming favorite, the MX-518. It’s also a more obvious competitor to the Copperhead since both are corded.

The G5 inherits some of the features we used to love about previous Logitech gaming mouse that includes the on-the-fly sensitivity switch. The G5 also gets a revamped laser engine matching the Copperhead’s 2000 dpi tracking.

One of the most controversial changes in the new mouse was Logitech’s decision to take away the forward button located in one of the sides. Logitech claims that they wanted gamers to have one less button that could accidentally be clicked while gaming. And while this may sound logical, in my case I don't ever remember accidentally pressing the extra button. As was to be expected users’ feedback is a mixed bag of people complaining and others welcoming the change, in our case, we definitely preferred to have the extra button that by now was a set standard.

Weight customization in the G5 is probably one of the most welcomed features available in the G5.  It is possible to add up to 36 grams of weight (in increments of 1.7 or 4.5 grams) to the mouse.  A weight cartridge holds up to eight weights and is placed into a slot on the underside of the mouse.  Because the slot is spring loaded, you simply have to press a button above the slot to remove the weight cartridge.  It most likely will take you a few tries before you find a weight that you like.

Although Logitech never really stated what kind of material the surface of the mouse is covered with, it works really well.  Quoting the G5 reviewer's guide: “It's not rubber, but it has positive grip that won't slip.” Rubber can feel wet and isn't good for tournaments that can last hours".

To finish up my brief analysis of the G5, I will talk about a common complaint that I have heard about the G5.  I have heard several users claim that they were having trouble using the G5 on certain mousing surfaces.  I used half a dozen different mouse pads, and didn't have a problem with tracking on any of them. 

Specs of the Logitech G5 include (full specs):

  • 2,000 dpi laser engine

  • Image Processing: 6.4 megapixels/second

  • Adjustable weight cartridge

  • In-game sensitivity switching

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene gaming feet

  • Sleep mode: disabled

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