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3D Spotlight : Hardware : 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 review

3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 review
Posted by Julio Franco on May 26, 1999 - Page 2/7

Feature Summary
3D Feature Set

  • 7 million triangles per second (V3 3000 at 166 MHz)
  • 333 megatexels per second fill rate (@ 166 MHz)
  • 128-bit 3D acceleration
  • Dual, 32-bit texture rendering architecture
  • True multi-texturing. 2 textures per-pixel per-clock
  • Full hardware setup of triangle parameters
  • Support for multi-triangle strips and fans
  • Single Pass, Single-cycle Bump mapping
  • Single Pass, Single-cycle trilinear MIP-mapping
  • Sub-pixel and sub-texel correction with 0.4x0.4 resolution
  • Per-pixel atmospheric fog with programmable fog zones
  • Floating point Z buffer (W buffer)
  • True per-pixel, LOD MIP mapping with biasing and clamping
  • Highly accurate LOD calculations
  • Texture compositing for multi-texture and special effects
  • Support for 14 texture map formats
  • 8-bit palletized textures with full bilinear filtering
  • Texture compression through narrow channel YAB format

2D Feature Set

  • Fully integrated 128-bit VGA and 2D engine
  • High-speed 128-bit Windows GUI acceleration
  • Hardware acceleration for Bresenham line draw, 2-edge polygon fill, scissor/rectangle clippers and full 256 ROPs
  • Internal 256-bit datapath
  • Source and destination chroma-keying for DirectDraw
  • Color expansion and single-cycle block writes
  • Accelerated 8, 16, 24 (packed), and 32-bit modes

Video Subsystem

  • Support for ultra-high resolution displays on PC monitors, LCD flat panels, and HDTV (Digital Flat Panel Support via LCDfx on Voodoo3 3500 only)
  • Resolutions of up to 2046 x 1536 at a full 75Hz screen refresh rate
  • YUV 4:2:2 and YUV 4:2:0 planar support
  • 30 frames per second DVD playback with no dropped frames
  • Supports the latest MPEG2 software CODECs via DirectShow™
  • De-interlacing using Bob and Weave
  • Separate gamma correction for video and graphics

Hardware Components
Graphics Subsystem

  • Graphics Controller – 143MHz Voodoo3 2000, 166MHz Voodoo3 3000 or 183MHz Voodoo3 3500
  • Frame Buffer – 16MB of 512Kx32 SDR SDRAM for the 166MHz, and 16MB of 512 x32 SGRAM for the 183MHz version
  • RAMDAC – up to 350MHz
  • Video Input – 8-bit VMI 1.2 video input port to support video peripherals such as:
  • - TV tuners
    - MPEG2 decoders

  • 24-bit (12-bit dual-edge) digital RGB data output to support video output devices such as:
    - Digital Flat Panels – Support for VESA-DFP1.0p-compliant monitors provided via the 3dfx LCDfx ™ ASIC. Voodoo3 3000 and 3500 support displays resolutions from VGA (640x480) to SXGA (1280x1024) (Digital Flat Panel support on Voodoo3 3500 only.)
    - NTSC or PAL TV encoders (Brooktree Bt868 included on board)

Bus Interface

  • Graphics bus interface – AGP 2X with sidebands

I/O Connectors

  • HD15 – VGA output and monitor detection I/O
  • MDR-20 – Provides Digital Flat Panel Interface (DFP Support on 3500 only.)
  • Video – Composite Video-Out (RCA jack)
  • CCR-601

System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or Windows 98 (Windows NT4.0 for 2D benchmark test)
  • PC with a Pentium, Celeron ™, Pentium II, or Pentium Pro Processor (Pentium 233 and up recommended), AMD K6-2, K6-3 with 3DNow! and a free AGP or PCI slot. 32MB of system RAM (64MB recommended)

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