HP EliteBook 8460p Notebook Review

By on October 6, 2011, 11:41 PM

A few months ago we posted our review of the HP ProBook 6360b, the latest HP "b" series notebook and their first in a 13.3" form factor. Today we'll be looking at another business-class notebook from HP, the EliteBook 8460p. As the name suggests, it's a step above the standard business-minded 6360b and as such, it's billed as a Large Enterprise Business product. The "professional" EliteBook retails for about $300 more than the ProBook, but is that premium worthwhile?

Our review unit is armed with an Intel Core i5-2520M operating at 2.50GHz (3.2GHz Turbo Boost), 4GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory, a 320GB 7200RPM hard drive, Intel Centrino 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, a removable 6-cell (62WHr) Li-Ion battery, a DVD +/-RW SuperMulti DL optical drive with LightScribe and a 14.0" LED-backlit HD anti-glare display with a native resolution of 1366 x 768. Graphics are processed using an AMD Radeon HD 6470M with 1GB of dedicated DDR3 memory. As configured today, our sample machine retails for $1,061.99 at Newegg.

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Guest said:

If I were to be looking for a laptop for one of our users, this wouldn't be it purely because the lack of an SSD is a major dealbreaker for me. Your standard office user isn't going to be storing tons of documents on a laptop (so there's no real need for large HDD's), and what they want more than being able to play Crysis at a passable framerate, is quick boot, wake, app loading and document opening times.

Guest said:

^If you need SSD, just buy it.

HP preloads their newer business class notebooks with Quickweb OS, those have everything on them (Skype, browser, file browser, music player and etc) and boots in <10 secs.

But as far as I can go, I really like HP business class notebooks :)

Guest said:

I feel as though HP's PC division taking its own roots is a good thing. Because they aren't failing. They are progressing. They are making new computers. And they do it rather well.

At least we know HP's PC division is proven to stay wherever it ends up going.

Guest said:

I have just been given one for work in the following config:

The higher resolution screen: 1600*900

The i7 processor

3Gb RAM: sufficient and because...

Win 7 stripped off and XP loaded: company policy :(

Overall its pretty good (I really like the super smooth mouse touch thing), but given that I only use it for MS office I would prefer something different if it was my £1000.


Win 7 and a SSD (cheaper processor would fund this given i7 is way overkill), 4Gb RAM, and lighter

The SSD is the big deal here: I have one on my home PC (gaming rig) and it makes a world of difference

Oh and I wouldn't spend this much money!

Guest said:

One should note that HP and HP Compaq are two very different design and production processes. HP business notebook (such as the 8xxxp and 8xxxxw) are build with more quality and sturdiness in mind and are designed for a different market.

Loving my 8540p!

Guest said:

Just got this for work, it is sturdy and runs smoothly.

However, whoever designed the keyboard should be kicked. It is the worst keyboard layout I've seen:

1. A couple years ago, HP changed "home", "end", "pg up" and "pg dn" into a vertical layout. This is a major inconvenience. Why do you want to have a different layout than everyone else? And HP 8460p kept this strange layout.

2. Notice the gap among each key. What kind of thinking is this? You should either use a larger key if you have the space or keep the same key but use a more user friendlier aspect ratio of screen to reduce the width.

3. Notice the up and down arrow key? The two are cramped together and each has a half height as other key. Why make it more difficult to use this way? You have plenty of space!

Another thing, why keep a dvd drive. For last 5 years, I have never had need to use dvd drive for my work. Why keep something so outdated, heavy and adding cost?

Had it been my choice, I would never buy it.

Guest said:

My office replaced everyone's prior Dell laptops with the HP EliteBook 8460p. They run great for about 6 months and then have terrible issues. Our IT dept. has replaced my laptop 3 times now within the last year. There have been a flooding of IT complaints that employees laptops just shut down while your working, blue screen of death is a regular occurance, and the latest for me (laptop # 3) is the screen no longer works. I have to plug into a 2nd monitor or a projector just to see what I'm doing.

Over 30 laptops were returned to HP for being defective and it appears the replacements are no better.

Guest said:

A couple of things really bugged me: the power cord is suitable for powering a toaster! Hate having to lug that pile of wires around. Also, no user manual? I go to the website and they've got one for all laptops! HP also adds a lot of its internally developed crapware. Would prefer a clean install.

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