It starts out simply enough, with some shooting and near-death escapes. Getting chased by a helicopter while grounded on four wheels, sliding out the driver’s seat to shoot the chopper down with a grenade launcher. Just a day in the life of a Tombstone marine. You’re grabbing intel on the imminent uprising in China and escorting VIPs stashed away in the country back to safety. All the while you’re unlocking new weapons as you fulfill each mission with a higher score. Basically the more you kill people, and the more artfully you go about doing it, the higher your score. I routinely unlocked the Gold score without much effort, though I consider myself to be a seasoned shooter, so take that how you will.

And then things get a little...monotonous, at least in terms of the level designs. There are repeat patterns of enemies. Large outdoor areas filled with roughly 20 enemies on foot, all with varying weaponry. Some heavy units armed with RPGs or machine guns. Some sharpshooters. Standard issue foot soldiers carrying assault rifles. And then a tank or two.

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