Two new gaming consoles. Both very powerful. Both very ambitious. Both about to meet head to head... and do battle for your time, money and attention, as well as the fate of the universe! Two weeks ago we reviewed the PlayStation 4. Last week we reviewed the Xbox One. Now that we've had a decent chunk of time with both consoles, let's bang them together and pretend they're fighting.

Each category below will have an "Edge" given to the console that's out front. Let's not get too worked up about it. Both consoles have their strong points, and both have their shortcomings. Both will probably be considerably improved and evened out over the next six months to a year. This isn't the sort of thing that can be assigned a score, and there's no need to tally which console "wins" more edges. The idea here is to give a broad sense of how the consoles are similar and how they're different, and what their respective strengths are.

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