QNAP and Synology have always been on my radar when it comes to pre-built desktop NAS devices. But despite being considered industry leaders and having been in business for well over a decade now, neither Synology nor QNAP are well known brands -- they certainly aren't mainstream, even in the tech world.

One of the problems for adoption has been retail price. A basic two-bay model with decent performance for a home user is going to cost around $300 in diskless form. Add in a couple of hard drives and the overall expense is akin to that of an entry level PC.

A more familiar name threw its hat into the ring a few years ago when Western Digital launched the comparatively inexpensive My Cloud series. Today we'll be looking at the newly released My Cloud EX2 Ultra, which is essentially a more consumer-friendly version of the existing My Cloud EX2100. The drive can be purchased in a range of capacities as well as without drives. We have the 8TB model on hand but you can get it in 4TB and 12TB configurations as well.

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