A few weeks ago we published our latest feature in the 'Then and Now' series, testing and comparing six generations of flagship GeForce graphics cards. Since then many of you have asked for an AMD version, however the wait for next-gen Vega parts could be longer than anticipated.

So we decided to ditch high-end GPUs and considering we do have AMD's latest $200-250 offering on hand -- the Radeon RX 480, that is -- run the same exercise for past mainstream Radeon GPU releases.

The RX 480 may not be as drool inducing as a Pascal Titan X or even the GeForce GTX 1070, but it doesn't cost nearly as much either, which means this is what most people will end up buying. Whereas the GTX 1070 will set you back some $400+, the 4GB RX 480 should eventually sell for just $200.

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