PS Audio DirectStream Network Audio Player and DAC




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By Home Theater Review on 90

The DirectStream DAC is one of the finest-sounding DACs I have heard. Many will be excited just to see that it can accept DSD signals, but I would say that they are being shortsighted. The DSD processing of all signals is what makes this unit special....

By on

In spite of the DMP's unusually complex multi-channel configuration and navigational issues with Blu-ray music discs and computer flash drives, I must tell you that in terms of pure audio performance it may be in a class by itself—and that fact alone...

By Audiophilia on

The DS is a game changer; I think it has caused the ‘war' between DSD and PCM to be on hold or mute for most of us, and above all hold your horses before buying expensive high-resolution PCM files or DSD. That alone is a major accomplishment. McGowan,...

International Review By on

PS Audio DirectStream DAC 독자적인 DAC 알고리듬으로 완성된 PS 오디오의 역작 PS Audio DirectStream DAC 독자적인 DAC 알고리듬으로 완성된 PS 오디오의 역작 글 장현태 우리에겐 전원 공급 장치 전문 브랜드로 인지도가 높은 PS 오디오는 1973년에 창립되어 어느덧 40년이 넘는 브랜드 역사를 지니고 있다. 그동안 수많은 전원 제품을 소개했고 지금은 오디오 전문 브랜드로 더욱 통하게 되었다. 그리고...