Arctic Cooling RC Turbo Module Active RAM Cooler

  • Arctic Cooling RC Turbo Module Active RAM Cooler
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  • Fourpin PWM with PWM Sharing Technology, Vibration absorption for mounted fans, Twin 56mm silent operation fans, Lightweight design, Toolfree installation, 6year warranty.


  • Cannot be mounted on some DDR2/DDR3 modules with taller heat spreaders, HTL Gold Award, Discuss this review in our forums

Expert reviews and ratings

By Hi Tech Legion on

As I have come accustomed to, Arctic Cooling product installation was swift and virtually effortless. The only part that really took considerable work was removing the stock heatsink from the memory modules used in our test system. The new Arctic RC...

By UMLan on 100

I have reviewed the Accelero S1 in the past and was very surprised by the results. With the Turbo Module this mod becomes an active cooling of the GPU. I do believe that the possibilities are very reasonable as far as overclocking goes. According to...

By Real World Labs on

So what did we find out today? Well in this roundup we saw that a good RAM Cooler can cool down your memory modules by a full 9 degrees Celsius thus prolonging their life span but that’s not all. A good RAM Cooler can also reduce the overall temperature...