Apple Wireless Keyboard M9270

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard M9270
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  • Bluetooth wireless; travel- and lap-friendly without reducing key size; sturdy; good, low-travel key feel; excellent battery life; good number of special OS X functions; doesnt require third-party drivers.


  • Flat keys not ideal for touch-typists; function keys and Escape and Eject keys run together; cant override special function-key functions; no numeric keypad or dedicated home, end, forward-delete, page up, or page down keys.

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By on 50

It's super thin, incredibly sleek but not suited for daily use. Apples Bluetooth-based wireless keyboard is almost half the size of the regular keyboard, super thin and incredibly sleek. These are generally not the top factors I would keep in...

By Macworld on 80

If youre looking for a replacement keyboard for an older Mac, or if you want a standalone keyboard to use with your Mac laptop, the Apple Keyboard is a solid offering, provided you like its MacBook-like keys and key layout. However, there are a...