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By EuroGamer on 70

While Distant Worlds may be a paragon of its style, I can only recommend it to a select few: those with beefy computers and plenty of time to really dig into the meat of this stunningly elegant and impressively wide-ranging bit of software.

By eurogamer.net on 70

The universe is big. Really, really big. Unfathomably big. So big that our brains cannot understand the numbers involved. Back in 2006, I remember being really excited about Spore and Mass Effect. Both were games that promised they'd really give us a...

By technologytell.com on

Distant Worlds Universe is a sequel of sorts to Distant Worlds , a real time strategy “4x” game where you expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate the whole universe. Generally, you start with one planet, pick an alien race (or boring ol' humans), and...