Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B430JL 430W

  • Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B430JL 430W
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  • Outstanding ripple/noise suppression, Delivered 30W more than its rated capacity at 53.6°C ambient, Quiet operation, Multi link feature to easily increase the Watts capacity, also improves efficiency


  • High voltage drops on the 3.3V rail in Advanced Transient Tests, High price for a non modular 430W PSU, Short distance between Molex and SATA connectors, Single rail design, even though manufacturer claims two 12V rails, Multi link operation has negative

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By techPowerUp! on 82

Jou Jye made a wise choice by picking Seasonic as the OEM of the new BITWIN series. The BW-B430JL, similar to its bigger brother BW-B520JL, is a solid performer with good efficiency, excellent ripple/noise suppression and satisfactory voltage...