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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Combat Flight Simulator 2 Tweak guide

Combat Flight Simulator 2 Tweak guide
Posted on January 23, 2001 by Thomas McGuire



Load CFS2 & select the Settings button.

Overall image quality. This slider bar may be used to select from a variety of pre-defined graphics configurations. Slide the bar to the Left for a more performance oriented setup (i.e. Many visual effects disabled or lowered to improve frame rate) & slide to the Right for an image quality oriented setup (i.e. More visual effects enabled or increased to improve visual quality). I’d recommend ignoring this slider & instead using a Custom setup, which will be covered in the Advanced settings menu.

Auto-performance adjustment. When this setting is Ticked CFS 2 can dynamically adjust the LOD (Level Of Detail) displayed in the game to maintain a constant frame rate, as defined by the LOD target frame rate setting. This setting can improve performance (By maintaining a target frame rate), although visual quality can be reduced in order to maintain this target frame rate (Although LOD will be increased when above the target frame rate). When Unticked CFS 2 cannot adjust the LOD, which means performance can be greatly reduced during heavy battles & such, although visual quality will remain constant. I’d recommend Ticking this setting.

Now select the Advanced settings button, then the Hardware tab.

Device. This field contains information regarding the graphics card to be used for rendering CFS 2. This isn’t much use unless you have multiple video cards installed, e.g. If you have a GeForce & Voodoo 2 in the same system & want to ensure that the GeForce will be used for rendering.

Enable hardware acceleration. Tick this setting to enable CFS 2 to be rendered using your 3D graphics card. If you have a Direct3D capable 3D graphics card then Tick this setting, otherwise leave it Unticked.

Advanced 3-D hardware options. This section contains settings related to setting advanced 3D rendering features.

The 3 options on the Left side relate to texture filtering. Options available being No filtering, Bilinear filtering & Trilinear filtering. Trilinear filtering interpolates between the mipmap levels as well as the weighted average of the texels around it. This gives the smoothest texture with the most blur in between texels. Select this option for best visual quality. For improved performance (& slightly reduced visual quality) you should select Bilinear filtering (Particularly with 3dfx cards, which cannot perform Multi-texturing & Trilinear texture filtering simultaneously). You shouldn’t select No filtering for any reason (Perhaps unless you have a very old graphics card).

MIP mapping. Mipmapping can help improve performance, by allowing the resolution of a texture to scale with the viewpoint. Tick this setting to for improved performance, although with low memory video cards (16MB or less) should leave this setting Unticked (Mipmapping requires extra video memory). For sharpest visual quality this setting should also be left Unticked.

Anti-alias. Tick this setting to enable the use of FSAA (Full scene Anti-Aliasing) with supported graphics cards, such as the Voodoo 5 or Geforce 2. This can significantly improve graphics quality by eliminating image artifacts such as jagged edges or texture shimmering. You can set the FSAA setting you wish to use in Windows Display Properties (Not in any in-game menu).

T and L. Tick this setting to enable the use of Hardware T&L (Transform & Lighting) units on supported graphics cards, such as the Geforce 2. This can improve performance/graphics quality. NOTE – On 3dfx Voodoo 3/4/5 & supported CPU’s you can enable this option assuming you set Geometry Assist to Enable in 3dfx Advanced Features. On other graphics cards without T&L units this option may cause instability, as the CPU will perform any extra calculations used by this option.

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