Half-Life / TFC / Counter-Strike Tweak Guide

The most popular online game around at the moment is (semi-ironically) not a game initially aimed at Multiplayer Online gaming. That is Half-Life of course, which has benefited greatly from Valve Softwares continual commitment to updating the game with new code & features. This guide is aimed at (although not limited to) Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic & Counter-Strike.

Where appropriate I'll cover extra information/settings for other Mods. This guide has been prepared on the version of Half-Life/Team Fortress Classic & the 1.1 version of Counter-Strike. From hereon in I'll (mostly) be referring to Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, etc. under the general title of Half-Life, although you should be able to apply all the guidelines here to any other Mods, many of the screenshots used are interchangeable also, e.g. The Counter-Strike Configuration has the same settings available as the Half-Life version. With that out of the way, on with the guide.


Update Half-Life & all installed Mods. The latest version of Half-Life, Version, may be Downloaded here for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000. This latest patch contains a vast amount of bug fixes & optimizations over the initial release version, & of course, improved netcode.

The latest version of Counter-Strike, Version 1.1, may be Downloaded here for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000 & Linux. Counter-Strike 1.1 even includes Player models with 512x512 textures.

Install DirectX 8.0A on your system if not already installed. This may fix Input/Audio device problems or fix Display issues in Direct 3D.

Drivers. It is essential to get the latest drivers for you Graphics card, Sound card & other relevant hardware. You can find links to many hardware manufacturers on our Drivers page. This can solve Display/Audio/Input problems or performance issues you may have encountered in the game.

If you are using an nVidia chipset based Graphics card & get graphical errors in OpenGL rendering (Not solved by installing an updated Driver) try the following. Open Display Properties & select the OpenGLtab. Set Buffer Flipping Mode to Block Transfer.

If you experience static noise or irregular audio playback, try the following (Assuming installing the latest Soundcard Driver doesn’t fix the problems):

  1. Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel. If you have Windows 2000 or Millennium Edition installed note the icon names as shown in brackets below.

  2. Open the Multimedia (Sounds & Multimedia) icon.

  3. Select the Audio tab & then hit the Advanced Properties (Advanced) button.

  4. Select the Performance tab.

  5. Move the Hardware acceleration slider to the 2nd notch from the left (Basic Acceleration). Move the Sample rate conversion quality slider to the middle notch (Improved sample rate converter).

If you're using Windows 2000 & Half-Life doesn't work after installing the latest Compatibility Update, try installing this file (Unzip the file to the Desktop, Right Click on it & select Install). If you are having other problems running the game (Performance or otherwise) on Windows 2000 then try checking our Windows 2000 Compatibility & Performance guide.

Half-Life can be sensitive to overclocking on some systems, if any components of your system is overclocked & you have problems running Half-Life, e.g. Lockups/Crashes during the game, try restoring the component to its default speed, or add more cooling.


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