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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : FAKK 2 tweak guide


FAKK 2 tweak guide
Posted by Thomas McGuire on August 23, 2000

Prepare yourself for F.A.K.K.2 - a 3D action\adventure experience that merges the twisted visions of the 70s cult classic Heavy Metal with the limitless interactive possibilities of your PC. Powered by id Software's Quake III technology, F.A.K.K.2 delivers detailed renderings of indoor and outdoor settings with stunning realism. Battle your way through surreal landscapes armed with powerful and sinister weaponry against a cast of freakish characters who create unique situations each time you play.

The demo can be downloaded at 3D Files if you haven’t got the full game yet.


Download the latest drivers for your video card & soundcard. This may solve (some) display or audio problems you might encounter. There are links to various manufacturers on the Drivers page.

Patch it; get the latest patch for Heavy Metal: FAKK2, it can be downloaded from Fileplanet. This patch fixes numerous game bugs.

If you own an MX400, SoundBlaster Live! Or other Creative soundcard & experience static noise or irregular playback, try the following (assuming that installing the latest drivers don’t fix the problems):

1.       Click on Start, Settings, then Control Panel.

2.       Open the Multimedia icon.

3.       Select Advanced Properties in the Playback tab on the Audio tab.

4.       Select the Performance tab.

5.       Move the Hardware acceleration slider to the 2nd notch from the left (Basic Acceleration). Move the Sample rate conversion quality slider to the middle notch (improved sample rate converter).

If you own a 3dfx card you should consider downloading the Wicked3D WickedGL for better performance (although with a Voodoo 4/5 this will remove a few things like large texture, 256*256+, support).

If you are using an Intellimouse you’ll also need to install the latest drivers. You can get them from Microsoft. This should fix any problems related to that mouse with the game.

If you experience any lockups & such they might be caused by overclocking, if so try reducing the clock speed of the overclocked device. FAKK2 can be quite sensitive to overclocking.

This guide has been prepared on both demo & retail versions of Heavy Metal FAKK2.

Config files

The tweaks here can be either changed in your config.cfg (located in the fakk sub-directory of where the game is installed, e.g. C:\FAKK2\fakk) or you may make your own custom Config file for the game. If you want to make you own config file then simply create a New Text Document, enter in the settings & save the file as All files & name it customconfig.cfg (Enter in whatever you wish for customconfig, the important part is the .cfg).

To load your customconfig.cfg in FAKK2, bring down the console & type /exec customconfig.cfg & hit the Enter key.

NOTE – If you choose to make the settings in your own custom config file then you can omit the seta (space) from each setting. In the config there will need to be a seta followed by a space. E.g. In your config.cfg a setting would appear as follows, seta r_texturemode "LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR", while in your own customconfig.cfg it would appear simply as r_texturemode "LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR”.

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