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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : MS Flight Simulator 2000 tweak guide

MS Flight Simulator 2000 tweak guide
Last Updated on September 15, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 2/8


Select Options, Settings, then Display (If you are in full screen mode you may need to press the ALT key first). Select the Hardware tab.

Device. This field contains information regarding the graphics card to be used for rendering Flight Simulator 2000. This isnt much use unless you have multiple video cards installed, e.g. If you have a GeForce & Voodoo 2 in the same system & want to ensure that the GeForce will be used for rendering.

Low resolution mode. If you have Enable hardware acceleration unticked, ticking this setting will enable an ultra low resolution mode. This should allow Flight Simulator 2000 to run acceptably (& extremely ugly) on almost any PC. Check this box to run Flight Simulator at low resolution under hardware acceleration. This speeds up performance but is less attractive visually.

Enable hardware acceleration. Tick this setting to enable Flight Simulator 2000 to be rendered using your 3D graphics card. If you have a Direct3D capable 3D graphics card then Tick this setting, otherwise leave it Unticked. Ignore this setting if you Ticked Low resolution mode.

Id strongly recommend purchasing a Graphics card however as this will vastly improve both visual quality & performance over Software rendering.

Filter texture maps. Tick this setting to enable the filtering (Bilinear/Trilinear) of texture maps in Flight Simulator 2000. This can improve visual quality, although performance will be reduced. Untick this setting to improve performance; visual quality may be reduced slightly however.

MIP mapping. Mipmapping will help smooth transitions between textures (more specifically, between mip-map levels). Tick this setting to improve visual quality. Performance will improve slightly when Unticked. Id recommend Ticking this setting.

Resolution. Selecting a lower setting will improve performance & maintain a stable (hopefully higher) frame rate. Although, higher resolutions will look better, they will run slower. Depending on your graphics card you may, or may not be able to use the x32 settings, which use a 32bit colour depth. Set this to x16, 16bit, if youve got a 3dfx card (pre-Voodoo 4). If you own an nVidia or other card you may select x32. This should be selected for best visual quality, although performance will be much lower as a result.

For performance reasons Id highly recommend selecting your resolution with x16.

Overall image quality. This slider bar may be used to select from a variety of pre-defined graphics configurations. Slide the bar to the Left for a more performance oriented setup (i.e. Many visual effects disabled to improve frame rate) & slide to the Right for an image quality oriented setup (i.e. Many visual effects enabled to improve visual quality). Id recommend ignoring this slider & instead using a Custom setup.

Texture quality. Sliding this bar to the Right will use increasingly sharper textures in Flight Simulator 2000, although performance will be lower image quality will improve accordingly. The further the slider bar is to the Left the more blurred textures will appear, although performance will be improved (Less texture memory needed). You should set this to 1 if you have a graphics card with 16MB or less video memory.


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