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LAN tweak guide
Last Updated on December 02, 1999 by Thomas McGuire
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If the PC is connected to the Internet & uses Dial-up adapter set it as follows.

  • Under the Bindings tab, tick as many entries as are required.

  • Under the Advanced tab, for Enable Point to point IP, select Yes.

  • For IP packet size select Large.

  • For Record a log file choose No.

  • Finally, for Use IPX header compression choose No. If you use the PC for browsing & downloading mainly, then set it to Yes instead. Click Ok once all those changes have been made.

Also, set up your network devices MTU,TTL, etc. as described in the Windows registry guide. If you are using the IPX/SPX protocol you can also set the NDI-cache size.

Most LANís connected to the Internet have permanent connections & in Internet options, under the Connections tab, select Never dial a connection. This may help others who are also connect to the Internet via DSL or other such connection, where no dial-up is necessary to connect.

File & printer sharing

Again, up the Network control panel, clicking on the File & Printer sharing button. Enable or disable them as required. For performance & more importantly security reasons it would be best to disable them, particularly if the machine is connected to the Internet.

NOTE - If you have chosen to enable it you must also put a tick in the, I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP option in the other Network protocols.


This guide should help you in optimizing your LAN for better data transfers & such, & of course making LAN games more enjoyable. Feel free to make any suggestions about this guide. Some of this is in testing & may need to be updated for better results. Let me know if it helps.

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