No One Lives Forever Tweak Guide


Load NOLF, select Options, then Display.

Renderer. This setting is not changeable, & only really serves to let you know Direct 3D rendering is being used.

Resolution. Selecting a lower setting will improve performance & maintain a stable, higher frame rate. Although, higher resolutions will look better, they generally run slower. Set this to 16 bit for optimal performance also. If your card supports it you can select 32 bit for best image quality, although performance may be reduced.

Texture depth. Set this to 32 bit for best image quality & 16 bit for improved performance. I’d highly recommend selecting 32-bit texture quality & using 16-bit colour depth for the best image quality/performance trade off.

Hardware cursor. Set this to On unless you have an old graphics card, this will yield smoothest mouse movements. Setting this to Off will Disable hardware cursor acceleration, which may improve performance slightly (Useful if you have a slow system), although can make mouse movement less sensitive as a result.

Click on Options, then Performance.

Performance optimization. This option can allow you to select pre-defined settings for the Display & Special effects sections. I’d recommend you ignore this setting altogether & use a Customized setup as shown below.

Sound filtering effects. Set this to On to enable audio filtering for improved audio quality (More realistic). You can improve performance by setting this to Off, although audio will be less realistic as a result.

Now select the Display setting.

Lightmaps. Set this to On to enable Lightmap lighting (real-time) of levels. Setting it to Off will enable Vertex lighting instead, which is faster but uglier (static) lighting of levels.

Mirrors. NOTE – This option is only selectable if the Colour depth is 32 Bit & your graphics card has a Stencil buffer. Set this to On to enable reflective mirrors in levels, this will look more realistic although reduces performance (Models will effectively need to be rendered twice). When set to Off any mirrors in levels will not be reflective, this will improve performance.

Shadows. Setting this to None disables shadows for your character. Circular enables simple circular shadows. Enabling shadows will reduce performance, so I’d recommend setting this to None.

Detail textures. A detail texture is a very small, fine pattern which is faded in as you approach a surface, for example wood grain, or imperfections in stone. Selecting On can improve visual quality, although it can cause a performance hit, particularly on older graphics cards. Select Off for increased performance, although with reduced visual quality.

Environment map. Set this to On to enable Bump mapping of the environment in NOLF. Bump mapping can be used to improve detail of the environment by using light-calculations to add depth to the environment. Set this to Off for optimal performance, although visual quality will be reduced slightly (Less realistic).

Model chrome. Set this to On to enable the chrome effect on models. This will allow for shiny models in the game. Set this to Off to disable the chrome effect on models. This will improve performance, although models may appear duller (e.g. unreflective helmets) as a result.

Trilinear filtering. Trilinear filtering interpolates between the mipmap levels as well as the weighted average of the texels around it. This gives the smoothest texture with the most blur in between texels. Select On for improved visual quality. Select Off to disable Trilinear filtering (You should only really do this on 3dfx cards, which cannot perform Multi-texturing & Trilinear texture filtering simultaneously).

Triple buffering. Set this to On for improved performance (Triple buffering allocates a 3rd frame buffer. This frame buffer can improve performance by allowing the hardware to render at the same time that the 3D application performs other tasks), although it will require extra video memory. Certainly select Off if you have less than 16MB of video memory on your graphics card as this requires extra video memory.


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