Command & Conquer: Renegade tweak guide


Now select the Audio tab.

Driver. This option is used to select the Audio API to be used in the Game. Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio will provide basic stereo (2D) audio output, which will yield fastest Game performance, though is only recommended if you have a very old/incapable Soundcard or poor on-board Audio. Aureal A3D Interactive (TM) (Note, this is A3D 1, not A3D 2/3) & DirectSound3D Hardware Support will both provide basic 3D audio positioning support in the Game, which will greatly enhance the Game & make it easier to hear where other Models are also, e.g. behind you. Most modern Soundcards only support A3D via conversion DirectSound3D so you shouldn’t really select this unless you have an Aureal Vortex Soundcard, most remotely modern Soundcards should be able to use DirectSound3D without issue. Creative Labs EAX (TM) & Creative Labs EAX 2 (TM) will both provide the same 3D positioning as DirectSound3D though also enables additional support for EAX effects, like Reverb. This can further improve audio realism, though performance may be slightly slower compared to DirectSound3D. The Soundcard you have installed should be worth considering if you are intending to use EAX, e.g. Soundcards which use the Sensaura reverb engine such as the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz have fairly weak Reverb effects in EAX (Not so in EAX 2 though).

Sound Effects. Untick this option to disable in-game Audio from being played for best performance. You shouldn’t want to do this though for normal game playing of course, so leave it Ticked unless you’re benchmarking frame rate with Fraps for example. Move this slider to the right to increase the volume level of effects, e.g. Weapon fire & vice versa.

Music. Untick this option to disable in-game Music from being played for best performance, though faster systems should be able to playback Music with little performance issues. Move this slider to the right to increase the volume level of Music, & vice versa.

Dialog. Untick this option to disable in-game dialog from being played in the Game, this isn’t recommended as you’ll miss out on important event updates & such as a result. Move this slider to the right to increase the volume level of any dialog, & vice versa.

Cinematic. Untick this option to disable audio from played during the cut-scenes (That aren’t rendered using the in-game engine). Not much reason to do this unless the voice acting or, umm, “humour” gets to you that badly. Move this slider to the right to increase the volume level during cut-scenes, & vice versa.

Quality. Similar to the Playback Rate option covered next you shouldn’t need to set this to 8 bit unless you have an extremely old ISA Soundcard or a very poor onboard Audio solution. 16 bit will improved quality audio playback over 8 bit & shouldn’t have any real noticeable effect on performance.

Playback Rate. This option determines the sampling rate to be used for audio playback in the game, with 44 kHz providing best audio quality. This would be the best option to select if you have a relatively new Soundcard, e.g. SoundBlaster Live! or Santa Cruz. With older generation Soundcards (Or more likely onboard Audio) you should find 22 kHz to give acceptable playback quality without affecting performance too noticeably. Those with an ISA Soundcard would perhaps be about the only ones I’d recommend setting this to 11 kHz.

Speaker Setup. From the drop-menu here select the appropriate type of Speakers which your Soundcard is connected to e.g. 4 Speaker. It is worth noting that most Soundcards will ignore this option & rather only use the one specified in it’s own Mixer.

Stereo. Tick this option to enable playback of Stereo encoded audio in that format (2 Channel), rather than in Mono (1 Channel). You shouldn’t need to Untick this at all.

You can learn how to further improve your Audio experience in C&C: Renegade by taking a look at the Soundcard/Speaker Tweak guide. This’ll take you through positioning your Speakers & configuring Soundcard specific tips for other popular Soundcards such as the SoundBlaster Audigy, Philips PSC70x & Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.


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