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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : SiN tweak guide

SiN tweak guide
Last Updated on November 18, 1999 by Thomas McGuire

First of, get the patches for Sin, the latest version is 1.10. These will fix the various problems that had plagued Sin since initial release. You can download the patches, 1.01, to 1.10 from Ritualistic. You should also get the Redemption bot as well.

Second, get the latest drivers for your video card, 3dfx users will need the latest minigl release also to allow for higher resolutions in the game.

As mentioned further down below these tweaks can be used for Sin, Wages of Sin and SinCTF, although it has been most thoroughly tested in the original game itself.


Want the best quality visuals for your single player game? Sure you do. For best results, create a new character, so you'll be working from default settings, although you don't have to.

Go into Video options, & select the following;

"High End System with Hardware Acceleration"

Apply the change. The select your Video driver, e.g. 3dfx, & other options, set your Texture mode to 16-bit & of course, use Full screen-mode.

Feel free to choose your own resolution for the game. Go into the Advanced video options now. Set the following;

  • Character Shadows: BIG performance decrease if on
  • Light Glows: On
  • Dynamic Lights: On
  • Particles: On
  • Tessellation: On
  • Palette Blending: On
  • Effects Blending: Off
  • 8-bit Software Coloured Lighting: Off
  • Software Stipple Alpha: Off (Doesn't matter as you'll be running with 3d hardware)
  • Sync Every Frame: On (Same as enable v-sync)
  • Rendering Detail: High
  • Draw Detail Models: On
  • World Texture Mode: Trilinear
  • Skin Texture Mode: Bilinear
  • Detail Models Vanishing Distance: 100% (fully to the right)
  • Detail Models Vanishing Threshold: 100%
  • Console Vanishing Distance: Default will suffice
  • Console Vanishing Threshold: Default will suffice

Exit that menu, & click on Apply changes, now quit the game.

Go into your players directory, e.g. C:\Sin\base\players\Blade\, you'll find a file there called config.cfg, open it using Notepad. Note for Wages of Sin or CTF you’ll need to change to the respective directory, e.g. C:\Sin\2015\players\Blade.

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