Soldier of Fortune II Tweak guide

As if one hit sequel this year wasn’t enough, Raven Software have released another sequel, Soldier Of Fortune 2 which has been similarly well received. Coming out with far more detailed graphics than Jedi Outcast the game also has been more problematic for more users. This guide will take you through the mass of options available in the game.



Begin by downloading the latest Drivers for your Graphics card & Soundcard. This may solve (most) Input or Audio problems you might be having. There are links to various manufacturers on the Drivers page.

Now install the latest patch, available at Activision. This will also fix other issues you may have experienced & includes many other enhancements.

Install that latest version of DirectX on your system. This can also fix problems with Sound & Input devices. If you’re still experiencing lockups & such they might be caused by overclocking, if so try lowering the Memory/Core speed of the overclocked device to see if it resolves the problem.

Now after applying the latest patch for the game it would be wise to run Raven’s Installation Verification Tool, which will check the integrity of your game install. If you’re experiencing problems this may reveal it to be a corrupted file in your install in which case re-install/replace the corrupt files.

Still having problem? Check Activision technical support.


Config Files & Console commands

The tweaks here can be either changed in your sof2sp.cfg (Single player) or sof2mp.cfg (Multiplayer) or you may make your own custom Config file for the Game. If you want to make you own Config file then simply create a New Text Document, enter in the settings & save the file as All files & name it customconfig.cfg (Replace customconfig with your own title). Save it in the base subdirectory of where SOF II is installed.

To load your customconfig.cfg in SOF II, bring down the console (Press Shift & Tilde key together) & type exec customconfig.cfg & hit the Enter key.

Note – If you choose to make the settings in your own custom Config file then you can omit the seta (space) from each setting. In the myconfig there will be a seta followed by a space. E.g. In your myconfig.cfg a setting would appear as follows, seta r_allowExtensions "0", while in your own customconfig.cfg it would appear simply as r_allowExtensions  “0”.

Should you wish to enter commands during the game bring down the console (Press Shift & Tilde key together) & simply enter the command without quotation marks & hit the Enter key, e.g. cg_drawFPS 1. Note – Some commands entered this way may not have effect immediately unless you then enter vid_restart or snd_restart which will restart the video & audio subsystems respectively.


Up next: Standard and Advanced Graphics Options, 3D Sound, Controls & More...

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