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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Unreal tweak guide

Unreal tweak guide
Last Updated on September 07, 2000 by Thomas McGuire


Overclocking, Unreal is sensitive to overclocking, if your system is overclocked & you have problems running Unreal, e.g. lockups during the game, try restoring the system/video card to its default speed, or applying more cooling.

Install DirectX 7.0A or higher on your system; you need it to use Direct3D & other features. For optimal performance you should do also do a Full installation of the game to your hard drive too, i.e. nothing should be run from the CD.

Patch it; get the latest (& final) patch for Unreal, version 226. Download it from 3dFiles.

If you are having problems with UnrealEd (Runtime error 50003, etc.), then get this.

Drivers, it is essential to get the latest drivers for you video card & sound card. Click on the Drivers link on the sidebar to find a list of hardware manufacturers driverís pages. This may solve (some) display or audio problems you might have encountered. This is particularly important for nVidia card owners. 3.68 drivers minimum should be installed. Currently the 5.3x drivers come highly recommended from most users.

If you get menu distortion while using an nVidia card try (re)setting the Texel Alignment to 3.

If you have trouble with your mouse (e.g. Intellimouse Explorer doesn't allow you to bind the middle mouse button if DirectInput is enabled) update your mouse drivers. You can get the latest Intellimouse release from Microsoft.

Some users may find that the game freezes momentarily when a new weapon/item is selected. This is not video card specific. Try increasing your cache size as described below. Re-installing the game may also fix it, or try lowering the Texture detail to Medium.

This guide has been prepared on the 226 version of Unreal, although much, if not all of it can be applied to earlier versions of the game too, just donít expect it to have the same level of fixes.

IMPORTANT Ė To gain access to the Advanced Options menu. Load Unreal, press the Esc key, then Options, then Advanced options. Please note this as you will be using the Advanced Options menu a lot.

Return to Na Pali

The Unreal mission pack will supposedly be updated with the latest Unreal code when Epic releases a new, official patch. Although this was stated last year Legend may still update Return to Na Pali accordingly. If/when this occurs rest assured this guide will be compatible with it.


Open Advanced options, go into Advanced, then Game engine settings.

Set CacheSizeMegs to between 4 - 8MB (The Cache is used to hold temporary data for the game, editing this setting can improve performance, although setting it too high may adversely affect performance). I'd recommend first trying 8MB (Some machines might find a setting of Ĺ or ĺ system RAM to work better, particularly those with a lot of RAM). Although it is definitely worth playing around with this setting to find what is best for your system.

You can also change the cache directory to another partition/drive/folder. Open Advanced, File system & edit the CachePath setting to the directory of your choice.


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