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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide

Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide
Last Updated on November 16, 2000 by Thomas McGuire - Page 12/14

Server setup

Currently the Unreal (Tournament) server guide is being worked, still. You can find the current unfinished version here (May of some use to some of you). Until our server guide is finished however I can highly recommend you check The Admin Page.


Open the Preferences menu, then select the Input tab. In this tab you will find settings to tweak your input device preferences.

Joystick. Tick this setting if you intend to use a Joystick to play the game, however mouse & keyboard is the best way to play Unreal Tournament. It will improve performance slightly if you Untick this as well. Useful if you're on a low spec machine.

DirectInput. Tick this setting. It'll performance/smoothness with Input devices, e.g. mouse. Although, should you experience any problems with input devices try Unticking this.

Mouselook. Tick this setting to always use the mouse for aiming, changing view. Id highly recommend Ticking this for best control of your view.

Mouse Smoothing. Tick this setting to enable mouse filtering. This will average out mouse movements resulting in much smoother scrolling. Untick this to disable the filtering. Id high recommend Ticking this.

Invert Mouse. Tick this to invert the x-axis for the mouse. This means pulling back (towards you) on the mouse will result in looking up & vice versa.

Auto Aim. Tick (enable) or Untick (disable) auto aim as you feel appropriate. Its only effective in the single player mode of gameplay, not multiplayer. When Ticked your weapons will become a little more accurate.

Look Spring. When Ticked your view will immediately re-centre upon letting go of the mouse look key. When set to False the view will stay in the same position. Ignore this setting if Mouselook is Ticked.

Auto Slope. You can ignore this setting if Mouselook is Ticked. Otherwise, Ticking this setting will automatically slope your view back/forward when going up/down terrain/stairs, etc.

Mouse Sensitivity. Setting this to higher values will improve mouse responsiveness although will make more accurate movement awkward due to the extra responsiveness. Id recommend leaving this set to the default unless you find your mouse to be very slow to react to input.

Instant Rocket Fire. Tick this setting to automatically launch a rocket when you hit the fire button when using the Rocket Launcher (obviously). As a side effect you lose the ability to launch multiple, simultaneous rockets. Tick/Untick this setting as suits your style of gameplay.

If you are using a mouse (Which most of you will be) you can find out how to further tweak that device in our Mouse tweak guide.


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